Chronic BV And Yeast Infections

by Lauren
(Greensboro, NC, USA)

Q. I have have chronic BV infections for over about a year! I have had every test for STDs and I'm all clear. In the past I have been on flagyll, metro gel, diflucan, azo tablets, boric acid, you name it!

I have also been taking a lot of probiotics and things to get rid of the yeast, and lots of vitamin c as well as all the others to boost my immune system. Every time it finally is gone its back within the week. The boric acid seemed to burn more this time so I stopped.

I am not sure if I am allergic to my husband because it burns if he finishes inside me. We then decided to get the non latex condoms, the 1st time no problem, the 2nd I am stuck with another infection. I also am very red and irritated. I think the boric acid caused a blister inside, ( kind of like an ulcer in the mouth).

Help! The gynos are stumped and I'm sick of all the blood work and vagina testing. Please help.

A. I feel for you Lauren. Chronic vaginal infections can be very difficult to get rid of. It seems as if you are getting both BV and yeast and some women can almost swing between the two. Get rid of one and they get the other!

You sound as if you're doing most of the right things. Here are a few more things to consider - these have all been proven to increase the chance of a women get repeated bouts of yeast infection.

Oral sex
Eating more than 2 slices of bread a day
Allergies to semen

You can get an allergy to all sorts of things but whilst most women consider things like feminine hygiene products and soap , many don't consider semen. So using non-latex condoms is a good move. With allergies "down there" the symptoms can be very similar to yeast infection so really think about every single product or material that is in touch with your vaginal area.

Boric acid is effective but yes, it is strong, and some women find it just too strong. Try something like Yeast Arrest or Gy natren which is a much gentler dose of boric acid. Yeast Arrest used to be a boric acid based product and used to get rave reviews. They've changed the formula - and made a lot of women very unhappy - but it does still work for some.

Fem Dophilus is the probiotic to try. The two probiotics in it normalize the vaginal tract and are good for taking after BV, yeast infection, bladder infection - anything in the urogenital area. They don't work for every one but many women find if they take them for about a month and then slowly ease off, it has given their vagina the chance to establish a flourishing community of friendly bacteria.

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Jun 05, 2009
by: Anonymous

I don't use any fem. sprays, stopped wearing thongs and underwear not made of cotton, and no perfumed soaps. I considered an allergy and have started reading more on it, I however wonder if it is just to him or all men bc some studies said that after changing partners the problem went away. I don't know how true it is. My husband got tested as well so we are sill suffering. I read about yogurt but I can't find one w/o sugar. I'm wondering about the cv you mentioned. I don't know anymore, I'm just so sick of having this ongoing problem.

Jun 05, 2009
Yogurt for vaginal infections
by: Dawn

In reply to BV/Yeast's post below

I have received many Activia yogurt reviews and one comment really caught my eye. One lady has found Activia yogurt very helpful for stopping vaginal discharge.

She said: "Hi all. I posted back on this page and I wanted to give an update about my symptoms for anyone else who has similar problems.

I have had problems with vaginal discharge that a significant number of visits to gynos and clinics has not been able to fix. Activia severely made my vaginal discharge problems practically nonexistant, while giving me some gassiness and a moderately soft stool. After two weeks of eating yogurt daily, I ran out and didn't have time to go to the store. All the symptoms I had previously (excessive smelly discharge) came back within 48 hours. It took another two days back on the yogurt before the symptoms disappeared. I've "gone off" the yogurt a second time to see if I had the same results, and I did. I don't know what Activia does to make my problems go away, but I hope they never stop selling it. Right now, I eat Activia for four days, take a day off, and then repeat. This helps to combat the laxative effects."

Now she was eating the Activia and some people have had a bad experience with it but I wonder if in your case it might be worth trying. If you do - start cautiously until you know how your body reacts. I've also heard of some women using Activia vaginally with good results.

A sugarless yogurt can be made using EasiYo (I'm an enormous fan of the Easiyo Yogurts) and not adding any extra sugar. It is a probiotic yogurt - don't worry that you feel as if you're making up a powdered mix - that powder is simply dried milk and probiotics.

CV is always a possibility. It is commonly misdiagnosed. The problem is that what helps with one vaginal problem can often make another type worse so that until you have an accurate diagnosis it is hard to say.

If you have had a culture done then CV would show as no positive culture results for yeasts, but would show abundant Lactobacilli and many fragmented epithelial cells and/or free nuclei. Is there a doctor that you can check that out with?

Aug 12, 2010
Reacurring BV
by: Anonymous

Hi I know the feeling it's a pain. I have suffered from it for over a year and the solution that worked for me is yogurt from Trader Joes non fat it has everything in it that us women need. And I purchase chewable acidophilus and take two after a meal and eat yogurt 3 times a day. Make sure the yogurt has live active cultures in it are it doesn't work. Been clear of the BV for seven months.

Oct 29, 2010
BV and antibacterial soaps????
by: Anonymous

This may or may not help but.....
I am an RN and I too was suffering from BV. I couldn't understand what the problem was. I was so embarrassed and miserable. After visiting the doctor on several occasions and using a prescribed vaginal ointment I was finally rid of the smelly discharge. I am married and I don't use sprays, douches, or anything else that could possibly "disrupt" the natural flora "down there." Needless to say every time I stopped using the prescribed medication the smelly discharge would come back. The next time I went to my OB she was busy and I had to see her Nurse Practitioner. Would you believe she figured out what was wrong? She asked me about the soap I use to bathe with. I was using an antibacterial bath soap and I didn't even realize it. Low and behold when I switched to a basic soap like Dove or Ivory the infection went away. I have never had the problem again. I couldn't believe it was that simple. I hope this information helps. I felt so stupid that I had been bathing "very good" down there to rid whatever was happening and the entire time I was making the situation worse.

Reply by Dawn - Probiotics LoveThatBug

I'm so pleased you "figured it out" what was causing the BV. It really can be that simple sometimes. Anything that upsets the bacterial balance down there can be a cause.

Thanks for sharing what you discovered. Your info will undoubtedly help some other woman.

Oct 14, 2011
This Sucks!!!!
by: Anonymous

Well I guess I would say my battle with chronic bv and yeast began July of 10. And is still going on. EVERY SINGLE MONTH BEFORE MY PERIOD!!!

That summer was the first time I had ever had an infection, and sadly it came with my diagnosis of type 1 herpes. I never had another out break but ever since then I get an infection every month before my period. I have been with the same man the whole time.

The doc and I thought the infections might be due to the pill, which I had began taking from June of 10 up until July of 11. NOPE still getting the infections. When she does the cultures she says I have alot of extra bacteria and a little bit of extra yeast.I have been on all the different meds, and obviously nothing works. I do have to say I don't get the odor that comes along with the bv, but burning, itching, and extreme discomfort are always there. Any ideas at all???

Dawn answered: You sound like a prime candidate for taking Fem Dophilus to help normalize things.

Check out this page.

Oct 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

OMG! I've been suffering with bv and yeast for the past maybe 3yrs. I'm sooooo sick of it.The bv comes with discharge and a funny (not fishy) but unusual smell that is driving me crazy! My GY can't seem to put her finger on what is triggering this and i've been on flagyl, metrogel and boric acid. It's to the point that when i call the dr office they already know me and my issue.I'm always so embarrassed. They just call me in another dose of the same ole nasty flagyl, metrogel or boric acid. I've been with the same partner for 9yrs, I believe I'm doing everything on the "do right" list for women concerning female hygiene. I thought that it could have been a result of an allergy from the use of tampons because it always happens after my period. The next time I'm on my cycle, I will use only pads to see if there is a change. For now I'm using a product called "yeast away" that I found at my local health food store. Its homeopathic suppositories and after the 2nd insert the symptoms have gone away. I will finish out the dose it recommends and update everyone on the results. FINGERS CROSSED!

Dawn answered: I've got my fingers crossed for you too! Both blood and semen can have an effect on these two problems so there might be an answer there. Some women are allergic to semen which can cause symptoms very similar to yeast infections. And both blood and semen alter the pH in the vagina which can make you vulnerable to infection. Have you checked out this vaginal ph page?

Jan 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

My lifesaver from chronic yeast infections: LADY SOMA CANDIDA Pills. A couple of months ago I began to take them based on a recommendation from my gynecologist and have not seen a yeast infection since.

I have been going to doctors for 15 yrs about my chronic infection and nothing ever solved this problem for me. I tried diets, dye-free panties and toilet paper, yogurt, garlic, boric acid, prescription creams... nothing helped. I recently read a new study about how this Lady Soma Candida pills creates an environment in your intestines that is anti-yeast. Your intestines is actually where the yeast spores form and then cross from the rectum over into the vagina when conditions and hormones are right.

Try it, I hope it helps you. It has been a miracle for me and the only thing that ever helped.

Dawn answered: Thanks for sharing Britney. That is very useful to know. I'm sure it will help someone.

Jun 26, 2012
Rephresh pro b
by: Anonymous

I have suffered from bv for about six months now and I have hanged everything from the soap I use in the shower to my laundry detergent. One thing I found that really really helped is a probiotic called rephresh pro b It's a once daily pill and it has helped a ton. I was getting a bv flare up every month and I have now been free from them for about 4 months. ( I have had bv longer than six months but that's how long I have been diagnosed. I thought they were yeast).

Nov 13, 2012
A sufferer of Yest and BV infections
by: LJ

First I would like to say that it is so comforting to know that I'm not the only female out here suffering from BV and yeast infections. I am at the point of wishing I could cut out my female organs just to get rid of the infections! I've tried everything the doctors have prescribed and still no relief. It's going on 8 months now of no relief from my problem and it's been very depressing for me. I'm so ready to feel and be normal again. I've only had 2 sexual partners and I think the 2nd guy is what started this whole thing(due to unprotected sex). I just don't know what else to do besides pray that God delivers me from this curse. What do you all suggest me to do that's going to really help me???

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