Which Sauerkraut Crock For You?

A sauerkraut crock in one form or another is essential if you wish to make your own sauerkraut.

Many people use wide mouth 1 gallon glass jars with excellent results.

However, there is nothing quite like a "real" fermentation crock in the cellar or pantry to make you feel you can ride out the hard times.

If you want to increase the amount of beneficial lactic acid bacteria that you take in then there is nothing quite as helpful as eating your own fermented cabbage made in your own fermentation pot. Of course, you can also make other pickled vegetables such as kimchi in it too.

sauerkraut crock
Harsch/Gartopf crock, 5 liter/1.32 gallons, lead free glaze, airlock

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This Harsch/Gartopf fermenting crock (left) also comes in

7.5 Liter/1.98 gallons
10 Liter/2.64 gallons
sauerkraut crock
Ohio Stonewear
5 gallons
lead free food safe

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This model (left) also comes in

1 Gallon Crock
2 Gallon Crock
3 Gallon Crock


The Harsch/Gartopf sauerkraut crock pot shown above has a 1 year warranty. It is a patented piece of stonewear, fired at 1200 degrees and has a lead free glaze. Comes with a ceramic cover which fits perfectly over the top. Gases from the fermentation can escape via the special cast gutter in the rim which creates a seamless airlock so that air is unable to enter. Imported from Germany.

There are a number of Amazon reviews on this model so be sure to check them out. Biggest complaint seems to be that it can scratch surface tops.

The Ohio Stonewear Old Fashioned Crock is a cheaper buy with excellent reviews from satisfied users on Amazon.


What Attributes Make for the Perfect Sauerkraut Crock?

What qualities do you need for your fermentatio pot?

  • Must be food safe
  • Must be lead free
  • Must hold enough as your cabbage will compress rapidly. One gallon really is the smallest size you could use and a five or ten gallonn size is better
  • Must have a smooth bottom. Once full your container is heavy it any rough bits on the bottom will makr your coounter top



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