Yeast Arrest Reviews

Yeast Arrest reviews submitted by other women will help you to decide if this yeast infection treatment is right for you.

Since Vitanica changed the formula of this very successful product to a homeopathic remedy the results have been mixed.

You can see what is in both the old and new version at Yeast Arrest formula but basically the old formula was a boric acid capsule and the new formula is much more of a homeopathic remedy containing a much smaller amount of the boric acid.

So this change suits some women who found the old formula too harsh but does not suit others.

You can buy Yeast Arrest from Amazon, or find out how to make boric acid capsules here.

Share you experiences with the old and new formula of Yeast Arrest. You don't need to register or anything to be able to comment so feel free to have your say.

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Yeast Arrest
by: Jermika

The people who make this Yeast Arrest are Gods sent from heaven, I swear by it as I live and breathe. I have diabetes and nothing else ever cures me!!

Hopeless now
by: Julie

The old formula was wonderful! The new one does NOT work!

Yeast Arrest Works
by: TH

This product is the great. I don't know why everyone is knocking it. I nearly didn't buy it at Amazon because of all the negative reviews.


I've tried diflucan and other things and they made it worse. The best way to use this is when you first notice the itchiness. Don't wait until it gets real bad. Using it like that it gives me almost instant relief.

This is a great product and people shouldn't knock it until they try it.

I don't know about all these different formulas. I assume I have the new formula because I started using it just before this last Christmas.

It Does Not Work!!
by: Kerry

The new formula for Yeast Arrest is hopeless and does not work.

I was one of the many women who used the old formula Yeast Arrest regularly and it always stopped the infection in its tracks. Yes- it burnt like hell! But thrush is no picnic in the park either. I gladly put up with the burning because I knew it was killing the fungi.

The new formula does nothing at all. It is a complete waste of money.

I'm going to try the Fem Dophilus that you recommend as a preventative measure and learn how to make my own REAL boric acid suppositories. It seems to be the only way I can be sure I'm getting the genuine stuff.

You shouldn't recommend this product at all.

New Formula Stinks!
by: Anonymous

The old formula of this product worked amazingly!! I am really hoping I can find a resource for buying it. I have not had as much luck with the new formula, and it gives you a strong odor. I felt like everyone around me sensed the smell of this stuff. The old formula was odorless. Please bring it back!!!!!!

Old yeast arrest
by: Anonymous

Please bring back the old formula.

New Formula BURNS!
by: Anonymous

I used to like this product, no longer. Just used it for preventative measures. Had to go to the gyn/ob for external redness and burning. Bring back the old one!!!

Not Fond Of The Smell
by: Gina

I'm using it, it seems to be working, but the smell of the product is not good!

Yeast Arrest
by: Anonymous

The old formula worked better than any treatment I have ever tried. Unfortunately, the new formula does not work. The new formula smells terrible, and it is greasy.

Dawn answered: This is what everyone feels. I don't understand why Vitanica don't go back to the old formula which was so loved. They must have noticed a big fall off in sales.

The new formula does not work for most women.

Works great for me!
by: Anonymous

Last year I had the mother of all yeast infections! Tried treating it myself with various natural and traditional products for 1 1/2 months before giving up and going to the Dr. Diagnosed with combo yeast and bacterial infection. Given Metro gel. Used for 10 days with no response. Found Yeast Arrest, new formula, and used twice a day for a month with incredible results. I now keep it on hand all the time.

Dawn answered: That is so good to hear from someone who has got a good result with the new formula. It shows our "flora" is different and what works for one woman, doesn't for another and vise-versa. So pleased to hear you had such a great result.

Love it
by: Anonymous

So I had a yeast infection for 2 months went went to the gyno 4 times and they giving me pills nothing worked had an intense burning and itching it was the worse time of my life. I cry so many time thinking that I was never going to get ride of it. One day I was at sprouts and was looking around and saw yeast arrest and decided to try it out since it's natural and the first night I used it i was amazed. Really felt better and the next morning my symptoms we're gone !!!!! I been using this for a week and so far it's awesome !! I love and recommend this THANK U ViTANiCa!!!

When was the formula changed
by: Dee

I used it about a week and a half ago and it's back but worse! It worked great before!

Dawn answered: The formula was changed at the beginning of 2009 and many women find it does not work as it used too. Such a shame because it was very good.

Yeast arrest
by: Anonymous

After a day and a half I was so raw and irritated it made me bleed. My symptoms prior to starting were very mild. I have candida glabrata. I will wait for the boric acid capsules. This was absolutely miserable. Has anyone else experience this?

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