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Yeast Infection - Inserting Yogurt

or how to avoid a week of yogurt trickling down your leg!

If this is your first experience of yeast infection then the technical difficulties of getting yogurt where you want it can be frustrating and messy.

As if you don't feel bad enough with the pain and itching - now you've smeared half a tub of yogurt over your thighs, dropped dollops all over the bathroom floor and still haven't actually got it "in".

On this page, a number of "old hands" have shared their methods and techniques for handling the problem of exactly how you get yogurt into the vagina.

Inserting yogurt has always been a favorite natural way of treating yeast infection and it does work for some women. Certainly there is some research that shows that the lactobacillus encouraged thorugh yogurt does help repel candidiasis (yeast).

There is also research that shows that buttermilk would also be good to try. People that have to use an artificial voicebox often get a biofilm buildup of bacteria and yeast on the voicebox. Using buttermilk three times a day for 9 days reduced the bacteria by 97% and the yeast by 85%.

So I would certainly be prepared to give buttermilk a try. It's more liquid state would make it much easier to insert but, of course, more of a leakage problem too.

Interestingly, in this same study they found that the external use of probiotics such as Yakult, whilst reducing bacterial count substantially, actually encouraged the growth of yeast.

But back to inserting yougrt.

Here's a great method method suggested by reader Kim which has the same effect as yogurt but without the mess. "A handy tip that I got from my chiropractor was to get a probiotic capsule, open it and sprinkle the contents onto a tampon, wear it over night and it works almost immediately."

That's a great idea and Fem Dophilus would be my no 1 choice for this method.

If you're wondering which might be the best yogurt to use, I have heard of one woman getting a very good result with Activia. Other than that, make sure it is a "live and active" yogurt. If it has had all the good bacteria killed then it won't do you any good at all. All that mess for nothing!

Make sure you read the comments with each of the entries below as there are some extra good ideas tucked away in the comments.

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Tip - inserting yogurt 
I had a yeast infection and I dipped a tampon in the yogurt. It did not expand like one would think it would. It kept it's shape. I then, stuck it in. …

Yeast Infection Tip number 2! 
Most important: keep the tampon in the applicator. Then push out about a centimeter of the tampon and soak in the yogurt for anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. …

Inserting Yogurt 
A tip for getting yogurt into the vagina. If you have an old medicine dropper you can throw away then use this to help out with the insertion. …

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