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Yogurt makers for everyone!

If you're keen to start making your own yogurt then you've arrived at the right place!

Your own freshly made yogurt will contain far higher levels of the beneficial lactic acid bacteria. These are the good bacteria that our ancestors used to eat and which are often lacking in our modern diet.

And if you use the right starter you can even make probiotic yogurt.

Here, you'll find a variety of brands of yogurt makers, you'll find yogurt starters, a variety of books, and all the yogurt making supplies that you need - from thermometers to extra jars to the Mix & Go personal hand held on the go mixer. It's a spill proof cup with a battery powered whisk. Great for mixing yogurt drinks.

Peruse and enjoy! Within days you can be making yoghurt like a master!

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You'll find all the standard models of yogurt makers - the Salton YM9 1 quart, the Salton YM7, the Euro Cuisine YM100 automatic, Euro Cuisine YM80, Yogourmet electric, EasiYo non-electric and the Waring Pro YM 350.

Like more info? Read my reviews on the fabulous EasiYo model, the Salton YM9 and YM7, the Cuisipro Donvier and the trusty Tribest Yolife with its 5 year guarantee.

Click through here for my Everything EasiYo Store if you want to look through only the EasiYo products.

Brands of yogurt starters you can find include Euro Cuisine, Vachon Yogurt Culture and EasiYo.

All the popular models of frozen yogurt, icecream and sorbet makers are here too. Look out for the Cuisinart ICE-25BC which makes 1½ quart, the Cuisinart ICE-30BC which is the 2 quart size and the Cuisinart ICE 20 (1½ quart).


Electric Yogurt Makers

These take all the guess work out of making yogurt. Brands such as Donvier and Yogourmet operate by having a stirrer that is also a thermometer. You simply place this stirrer in the yogurt and it tells you when it is time to add the starter. Most brands have an automatic shutoff and a feature to alert you when the yogurt is ready.

Models such as Eurocuisine have a see through lid and glass containers so that you can see what's happening. This can be reassuring to the novice.

Yolife has a devoted following of fans and with a five year warranty behind it you can see why. You can use the Yolife system with your own mason jars.


Non-Electric Yogurt Makers

I have to admit these are my favorite! I have an EasiYo model and nothing could be simpler. You mix the powder with cold water in the jar, add boiling water to the required level and put the jar inside. Leave it until the morning and its done. Beautiful tasty yogurt to have with your breakfast.

Some people do worry that you're using a powder but it is simply pasteurized whole and skim milk solids (98% from free range cows - or so my packet here in New Zealand tells me) with live lactic acid bacteria then added.

And, of course, you don't have to USE their powder. You can make your own yogurt using milk and live yogurt and simply use the EasiYo container to make it in. Best of all worlds.

The big plus in my eyes of non-electric makers is that because the yogurt does not stay at the one temperature (which is usually the case with electric ones) each of the different cultures in the yogurt gets its chance to grow and thrive.

But to each his own!



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