Where To Find Acidophilus Milk

Acidophilus milk is simply milk that the good bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus has been added to. It can be fermented or not. Usually it will be slightly thicker and have a more tangy flavor than regular milk although some producers try to keep a "regular" milk flavor so that their product can be used in the same ways that ordinary milk is.

If you're struggling to find where to buy this great product see lower on the page.


Benefits of acidophilus milk

The benfits of this type of milk come about through the addition of the L acidophilus. Just as eating yogurt daily can increase the numbers of probiotic bacteria within your gastrointestinal tract, so does drinking acidophilus milk.

This increase in beneficial bacteria can help with many gastrointestinal complaints such as constipation, diarrhea and IBS.

The health benefits are increased if it is fermented as you are getting greatly increased numbers of lactic acid bacteria.

Specifically acidophilus milk has been proven1 to:

  • prevent or control intestinal infections
  • help control serum cholesterol levels
  • improve lactose digestion in persons classified as lactose maldigestors
  • exert an anticarcinogenic activity

This is from an old medical study (all the brains have moved on to more exciting things than sweet milk!) but basically it still holds true. We know now that not all strains will do all of these things - some will do better than others - but overall this is a very healthy drink to consume.


Purity Sweet Acidophilus Milk

Purity Sweet Acidophilus milk brand is probably the best know. It contains (in one 8 ounce serving) 110 calories, Vitamin A,C,D, calcium, Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus strain NCFM.

It is a 1% low fat milk made by Purity Dairies who are based in Davidson County, Tennessee. You can buy Purity fairly easily anywhere in the surrounding States.

One of our readers phoned Purity and they told her they only sell their sweet acidophilus milk in the middle Tennessee area.

Liquid Acidophilus

Can be mixed with milk to "make your own" acidophilus milk.


Where to buy acidophilus milk

Some very helpful information just in from Jeanette. If you want acidophilus milk, then get behind this "bring back acidophilus milk movement". Show Knudsen's that you WANT IT!

Jeanette from California said:

"Call 1-800-395-7004 to log your complaint about Knudsen's acidolophilus milk no longer being made.

The reason Knudsen's acidolophilus was taken off the market is because of no demand. I talked to Debbie in sales (March 22, 2011)and she said lots of people are calling in to a 1-800 number. If enough of us call then it could possibly be made again. I told her another reason is it is NOT promoted. Knudsen's is owned by Dean's Foods and it is nation wide."

In some States it seems to be fairly easy to find and in other States next to impossible to purchase! As far as I can establish the trend seems to be that it is mostly manufactured in the Mid West and South and consequently easier to find in those States.

Knudsen Sweet Acidophilus Milk 2% - made by Heartland Farms, California, and available (amongst other places) at Albertson's groceries in Southern California.

Lucerne Acidophilus Plus Bifidus 2% - made by Safeway Inc.

Nuture 1% and 2% acidophilus low fat milk - made by Mayfield Dairy Faarms, Tennessee. This product replaces the orignal one called NuTrish.

February 2011 Safeway tell me that it is NOT available in ANY of their Safeway supermarkets.

Acidophilus milk can be bought at some some Rutter Gas Station stores, Scoalri's, Dillions and Raleys.

Kroger carry acidophilus milk in North Carolina

General consensus is that it can be found "anywhere" in Southern Oregon, and is easily found in most places through the Mid-West and South.

It seems difficult to find in Orange County, California and almost impossible to find in the Northeast.

Some people simply add a liquid acidophilus such as Nature's Life Pro-96 liquid to milk and make their own.


Readers share where they buy acidophilus milk

Carla from CA said:

"Jan 2016- Called, FoodMaxx, Raley's Safeway, Lucky's, Oliver's, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's. local grocery stores in the Santa Rosa, CA area and no one offers acidophilus milk. Called the 800-395-7004 to log my complaint about Knudsen's no longer producing the acidophilus milk."

Patrice from California said:

"Kefir has acidolphilus , this is usually easy to find ."

Kathleen from kentucky said:

"I live outside Cincinnati and our Hebron Kroger's carries it. But as you said only a few bottles at a time. Every time I go I buy all they have. It freezes great. You would think they would get the hint and buy more."

Ralph from Arkansas said:

"Hiland milk has just come out with their 1% Lowfat Milk with A & B Cultures called NURISH. It is very good and tastes more like regular milk than sweet."

Frances from Alabama said:

"Publix in Huntsville, AL carries the Purity-brand acidophilus milk."

Kat from Oregon said:

"You can find it, under "Heritage Sweet Acidophilus Milk" ½ Gal at the Clackamas Fred Meyer in Clackamas, Oregon…Just thought I'd let you know. :o}"

MS from Los Angeles said:

"Fresh & Easy has kefir smoothies with it in it. I'm sure, if not enough people buy it, it will be discontinue like Stater Bros."

Emily from Virginia said:

"The Hampton Roads area Krogers carry Sweet Acidophilus Milk. If you don't see it in the dairy case, ask for it. They've been most helpful."

Nancy from Oregon said:

"Available in the Portland area--Fairview Fred Meyer as Heritage Sweet Acidophilus Milk."

Jeannie from Florida said:

"I am lucky, TG Lee a Florida dairy started in 1925 now Deans Foods sells 1% Acidol. milk. CVS pharmacy carries it and has the lowest prices. Publix brought in a few gallons for me after I requested it, but said they do not have a demand for it. Get the word out!!"

Taren from Decatur, Alabama said:

"I get mine at Wal-Mart or Kroger in my hometown. It is the only milk my son can tolerate. However, I'm visiting South Alabama and Mississippi and there is not ONE store here that carries the milk or anything Purity brand for that matter. It's all Borden."

Charlotte from District of Columbia (D.C.) said:

"I always bought TGLee A+ (Acidophilus) milk in Ocala FL available in CVS and Walmart. Can't find any brand of Acidophilus milk anywhere in D.C. area. I developed a serious G.I. problem after moving here and not drinking the 2 gals/per week as I had in Florida. Is it in the larger Chicago area?"

Margot from California said:

"Whole Foods in Mill Valley in Marin County Calif. carries Acidophilus Milk. Our Safeway in Corte Madera, CA used to carry it, but no more. We rarely shop there anymore since we can't buy our milk there. We used to walk to Safeway, but now have to drive to Mill Valley to get it! What a waste. I've been buying it for 30 years; why would anyone drink milk without acidolphilus? You can be sure I'll ask for it now - great suggestion! Thank you."

Carole from California said:

"You can purchase the milk at Elliots Health Food Store, Walgreens , and Winco. Please let the store managers know how important it is for them to carry this milk.Then let them know you will not shop there again - and stick to it. Call your Congressman toll free at 866-220-0044. Give them your zip if you do not know your rep. by name they will then connect you to that office."

Chiqui from Durham, NC said:

"Kroger sells it."

Bernie from California, Bay Area said:

"Last year I could fine this milk at Drager, but not any more. I can not fine it at any store in the bay area."

Janet from Washington/California said:

"I could find it pretty much every where in Washington State. Safeway, Albertsons, Walmart, Fred Meyer. I moved to California a month ago and can not find it any where. If someone knows where I can buy it, in Temecula, CA (So. CA). I would appreciate it!"

Kathryn from California said:

"In San Francisco, Lucky Market (owned by Savemart) at 1515 Sloat Blvd. carries Sunnyside acidophilous milk. You have to ask for it - they do not display it, due to shortage of shelf space."

Stephen from New Hampshire said:

"I get my milk with acidophilus from Oakhurst Dairy in Maine. I believe Oakhurst Dairy milk is available in Maine, of course, and also in parts of New Hamshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont."

John from Kansas said:

"I was directed to acidophilus milk by my oral surgeon. I have always had trouble with excessive cancor sores in my mouth and after starting acidophilus I quit having them. I always purchased it from Walmart. I have been drinking it for over 20 years, now it is no longer carried by my local Walmart and what do you know my mouth sores have reappeared. Hope they will changed their minds to carry it again."

Brooks from North California said:

"I find mine at Winco."

Suzanne from North Carolina said:

"Lowes Foods on RobinHood Road in Winston-Salem sells Southern Dairies acidophilus milk. It's not quite as good as Maola's - but apparently Maola doesn't make it anymore. We used to be able to find this milk in most stores, but no longer."

James from Springfield, Missouri said:

"Hiland Dairy sells to Walmart."

JoDee from Hanford, CA said:

"Save Mart and Best Buy were the only two stores in town. Advertisement would help the world know of it's wonderful benefits. It's more of a medicine which enables you to eat all dairy products where as Lactaid type products only replaces milk itself."

Sharon from Indiana said:

"Kroger, South Bend."

Kara from Huntsville, Alabama said:

"I get my Purity brand acidolphilus milk from our local Publix. I noticed if they don't carry something they tell me they will talk to there vendors about getting whatever in. Maybe that could be an option as well."

Dawn answered: "Great idea, Kara. People should always ask because that is the only was sellers know that you want something. If enough people ask then they will stock it."

Roberta from South Dakota said:

"If you buy liquid acidophilus, how much do you add to regular milk to make acidophilus milk, and does it need to incubate?"

Dawn answered: "You don't incubate it. The strength is really up to you. As you are not fermenting this product but simply adding the liquid acidophilus to it you can make it whatever strength you feel is appropriate. I notice that brands such as Purity do not state how much acidophilus is in there product."

Mimi from Florida said:

"McArthur Dairy in South Florida makes and distributes acidophilus low fat milk. You can find it in most Publix Supermarkets in South Florida, which includes, the Keys, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples and Ft. Myers. It's also sold in other markets in the area."

Rick from California said:

"What the hell. It was the best milk and I can't find it anywhere. Stater Bros use to carry in Victorville and Hesperia. Now I can't find it anywhere. Please bring it back."

Dawn from S California said:

"I was the only person who seemed to buy it at Staters & they discontinued due to selling factor. I really liked the milk! It was helping my stomach issues. I will be calling the # above to try to get it back. Thanks!"

Lyn from California said:

"I found the milk at Alberstons in Arroyo Grande,ca."

Ema from North Dakota/Minnesota said:

"Hugo's stores, SuperOne Foods, Super Walmart in Grand Forks and Crookston, Super Target in Grand Forks. Brands: Deans and Cass Clay."

Mary from Ohio said:

"I checked with Krogers in Port Clinton,Oh (on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie) they carry Acidophilus milk (their own brand) Call first to make sure it is in stock. If out of stock they will place another order, takes a couple days to get it in. Phone 419-734-5597."

Dawn answered: "Ohio rules this morning! You're a champ, Mary. And good ol' Krogers."

Donna from Ohio said:

"The Kroger store at the Anderson Town Center, Cincinnati, carries this milk. I was advised by the dairy manager that they only get 3 or 4 bottles in each shipment since it is not in demand."

Dawn answered: "Thanks Donna. So anyone near Cincinnati should go to Kroger's at the Anderson Town Center and ask for this milk. Make sure they know that there are now more of you wanting it. Don't just look at an empty shelf space and walk away. Let the dairy manager know so they will order more."

Melissa from Texas said:

"I just check on line and Walmart has it if anyone has a Walmart in their state.

Dawn answered: "I know that not all Walmart stores stock it but it looks as if some of Texas ones do.

Tracy from Florida asks:

"I have spoken directly with Purity and they only sell their sweet acidophilus milk in the middle Tennessee area - I am awaiting replies from other manufacturers."

Dawn answered: "Thanks so much for that Tracy. I have added your info higher on the page too. Please do share any further results you get."

Fernando from Quebec, Canada says:

"CENTRE LAVAL, 1600 boul. le Corbusier, Laval, Québec, Canada, H7S 1Y9, (450) 688-5455"

Candi from Santa Clara County, California says:

"Sunnyside brand 1% from Savemart Grocery store, Milpitas."

Alice from Michigan asks:

"The Krogers here in Mi does not sell the acidophilus milk. Does anyone know if some place here does in Clarkston and Waterford area?

Kim from Michigan says:

"I have been unable to find any acidophilus milk in my area in the NE side of the lower peninsula. I even checked out the healthfood stores. Any help?"

Linda from Ontario, Canada says:

"I live in Oshawa,Ontario. Its about 30 minutes from Toronto. Anybody know where to find this milk in my area?"

Dawn answered: "Hi Linda, As I mentioned to Tracy, I checked with Dairy Farmers Of Ontario and there do not appear to be any suppliers of this milk in Ontario. However, Elwest make an Aciodphilus Keifr."

Sherry from Colorado says:

"We cannot find it anywhere! We tried Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons and Sprouts. King Soopers brand is Kroger here, but they don't sell it. Any ideas for Denver / Aurora Colorado? Thanks!"

Julee from Oregon says:

"Klamath Falls, OR Walmart and Freddys has Umpqua 1/2 gal plastic bottles. Albertsons has cardboard 1/2 gal that seem to go bad quick."

Dawn answered" "Thanks Julee, that will certainly help the good folk in Oregon find acidophilus milk."

Bridgette from California said:

"They aren't selling it anymore at the local Stater Bros. That was the ONLY store where it was sold in the south county area. Any idea where I can find it near Mission Viejo? Can it be home-delivered?"

Karen from California said:

"I was getting it at Stater Bro's until recently, They have decided to remove the milk off their shelves.Does anyone know why?"

Jeanette from Southern CA said:

"I have been able to purchase Knudsen's acidophilus milk at the Stater Bros but as of today (Jan 2011) they do not have it either. HELP!!! It is the best milk but unfortunately it is not promoted, thus stores do not sell that much of it. Not profitable for them."

Dawn answered: "Thanks for your input Jeanette. That seems to be the common theme - it just isn 't profitable for producers."

Nick from Michigan said:

"Guernsey Farm Dairies processes and distributes probiotic milk in Michigan at several chains in the Detroit area."

Bernie from California said:

"I can not find Acidophilus Milk in any stores in Palm Desert and only one store in the Bay Årea, Draegers."

Dot from North Carolina said:

"Purchased at Lowe's Food Stores, New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC. Produced by Southern Dairies, 1% lowfat, Nu-Trish."

Tracey from Ontario, Canada asks:

"Where can this be found in Ontario Canada?"

Dawn answered: "Hi Tracey, I checked with Dairy Farmers Of Ontario and there do not appear to be any suppliers of acidophilus milk in Ontario. However, Elwest make an Aciodphilus Keifr."

Jim from Wilmington North Carolina asks:

"Where do I purchase Sweet Acidophilus milk in Wilmington NC? Maola use to make it but alas no more."

Naomi from Maine said:

"Oakhurst Nutrish in Maine."

Jean from Kentucky said:

"I buy mine at Russellville, Kentucky Wal=mart, also at the General Dollar Store in Lewisburg, Kentucky.

My cousin lives in Hobe Sound, Florida and wants to find it there but no luck so far."

Jacki from Tennessee said:

"Kroger carries their own brand of Sweet Acidophilus milk and charge the same price as regular milk. Thank you, KROGER!"

Mrs ME from Oregon said:

"Southern Oregon Klamath area is hard to find lately, Walmart and Fred Meyers seem to be the only place. Albertsons is hit or miss, and Safeways stopped supplying it." (August 2010)

Bob from Chatham County, North Carolina said:

"Maola Dairies which has produced acidolphilus milk for years has just stopped - though it remains up on their website. No replies to inquiries." (August 2010)

Dan from Terre Haute, Indiana said:

"Krogers carries it's own brand of Acidophilus low fat milk that is the same price as other milks!"

Pat from Saskatchewan, Canada said:

"Used to get it at Safeway, can`t find it for the past couple of weeks" :( (June 2010)

Michael from Tennessee said:

"Purity at Krogers."

Jordan from Kentucky said:

"I bought my acidophilus milk at Kroger in Murray, KY. It is Kroger brand and it tastes like regular milk, but just a little sweeter."

Ed from California said:

"Oakland, CA."




1. Gilliland SE. Acidophilus milk products: a review of potential benefits to consumers. J Dairy Sci. 1989 Oct;72(10):2483-94.