Activia Settlement
Are YOU entitled to $100?

The Activia settlement is the end result of the lawsuit made against Dannon in 2008. Consumers were able to claim up to $100.

Claim Forms had to be postmarked or submitted online by October 1, 2010, so people are no longer able to claim.

I'm leaving this page in place purely for historical interest.

Basically, Dannon claimed that the bacteria in Activia (and DanActive) would help with digestion or with your immune system.

Now Dannon does not admit any wrongdoing but they will create a $35 million fund to reimburse qualified consumers up to $100 for products purchased.


If you believe that you may qualify then sign up to receive the Dannon Activia and DanActive Settlement claim form as soon as it becomes available.

People who bought either Activia or DanActive could receive:

  • up to $15 without a receipt
  • up to to $30 by signing a statement attesting to the amount of products they have purchased
  • up to $100 with receipts to prove how much they had bought


They amounts paid out in the DanActive and Activia settlement will depend on the number of claims.

The out-of-court settlement spelt out a number of details.

Dannon is allowed to state that Activia is "scientifically proven" or "clinically proven" to help regulate the digestive system (which it is) but a disclaimer must accompany it stating it can help with slow intestinal transit IF eaten daily for two weeks, as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

The wording for DanActive must change from, "a positive effect on your digestive tract's immune system" to the words "interact with your digestive tract's immune system".

Both products must contain the phrase: "Activia (or, eg, Activia Light) is a food product and not a treatment or cure for any medical disorder or disease. If you have any concerns about your digestive system, you should consult a healthcare professional."

One things that delights me is that the probiotic strains have to be highlighted in their original latin names as well as the commercial names that Dannon has seen fit to give them. It always seemed to me that if every manufacturer can give an already named bacteria a "new" name just to fit in with their marketing, it could only lead to confusion.

If you believe you may be eligible - and by the number of Activia yogurt reviews I was sent many of you believe you are - then follow that link up above to sign up for the Activia Claim form.

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