More Reviews of Activia Yogurt

So many readers have sent me Activia yogurt reviews that I needed to start a second page of them. Activia yogurt contains a probiotic given the trademarked name of Bifidus Regularis in the US and Bifidus Digestivum in the UK.

The bacteria's scientific name is Bifidobacterium animalis DN-173 010 and Dannon's research has proven it shortens the colonic transit time in healthy women.

Well that may be - but you can see our reviewers found it did an awful lot more than that!

Good reactions for constipation, lactose intolerant, heartburn and has proved helpful for someone with microscopic colitis, as well as after gall bladder removal.

A number of people love the tase but overall, most of the reviews are negative.

My personal stance on Activia is that I like it! I have to admit after collating so many negative reviews, I was slightly nervous about trying it when I first got to the UK and was able to buy it (it was not available in NZ at that time). I hesitantly tried it and have never had a bad reaction from it.

I don't pretend to understand why some people love it and believe it truly does them good and other people are having such a bad reaction to it.

Most recent review first.

Heather said:

'In response to your review of Activia yogurt, I suspect that many of these people who have had negative reactions are lactose intolerant. That would explain the symptoms. Also, for the people who had lasting negative side effects, that could be due to bacterial overgrowth, from the bifidus strain in Activia. Bifidus strains tend to overgrow. Using yogurt from non-cow's milk with only Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus strains (or even better making your own with goats' milk and a starter) will solve all these problems.'

Beverly said:

'I wish I had read this site before I started taking Activia.

I have chronic constipation so I thought Activia could be a good thing for me as I don't like taking laxatives. But it's only good if you like stomach cramps, gas, bloating, and explosive diarhea. 24 hours after eating one 4 oz container, I was so miserable, I thought I was going to die. I haven't been that sick in a long time. I didn't associate it with Actvia at first, but several days later after I recovered from the "stomach flu", I tried Activia again. Again, within 24 hours I had the same extreme reaction. The only thing these two episodes had in common was the Activia.

Hmmm. Just to be sure, I waited a week, then tried one more container. Bingo! It was the Activia causing me all the problems. You can be sure that will be the last container of Activia I'll eat. I've eaten many brands of yogurt before (love it), but Activia should be taken off the shelf as a dangerous substance! '

Cathy said:

'I ate Activia yogurt 3 days in a row last week, thinking, "oh, I've got a bug." But, no - after allowing myself to return to normal, I tried eating one today and I've had like 7 bowel movements today, accompanied by abdominal cramping off and on all day. I'm throwing the rest away - telling my family to leave it alone, too. There are better ways to relieve constipation.'

Margo said:

'I have Microscopic Colitis and have horrible diarrhea, or had, Activia yogurt is making me so much better I am in shock. I have been eating 2 or 3 a day for two weeks now and am doing so much better. Nothing else has ever helped me like this yogurt does.'

Susan said:

'From everything I've read, I must say I am amazed of all the complications because I have had nothing but good results since I've been eating Activia yogurt. For about a year now I have noticed my clothes fit better and I even slimmed down a size in pants, (probably because I have cut out the junk food).'

Erik said:

'This stuff definitely has an acquired taste that gets better after just a few cups. The BM's are plenty and I haven't experienced any intestinal problems, but IT BURNS!! I am wondering if something is stuck in there because only one other person (Diane's comment lower on this page) has complained of "the burn" during and after #2. Any ideas?!?! PLEASE'

Chris said:

'Activia is the third yogurt I've tried and by far the worst, I am a 49 yr old male and my Doctor recommended I start eating yogurt as the probiotics are something I need, The one thing I didn't need was the severe stomach cramping that came with it, If anyone can suggest a yogurt that will not cause stomach cramps please post it, otherwise my advice would be to start with small amounts regardless of the yogurt and reason your eating it as it may do more harm than good.'

Chris, I'm an EasiYo yogurt fan through and through. It contains probiotics and I've never heard of it upsetting anyone.

Bianaca said:

'I ate Activia yogurt 2 mornings in a row, and have had severe waves of nausea, stomach cramping, and a bad dull ache in my stomach for days. Activia is the only new thing I added to my diet and believe that it made me extremely sick. I will never eat that junk again! I still have pain a week after eating it and will go to the doctor next week.'

Amanda said:

'Only eat this stuff if you plan to spend a lot of time in the rest room. I ate 3 servings of Activia yogurt and have had the worst diarrhea of my life for 6 days and counting! Everytime I try to eat or drink my stomach cramps horribly. Wanna know why they call it a 14 day "challenge"? The challenge is living through it!!!'

Ladies! Read Heather's experience with Activia and vaginal problems

Moua said:

'I went on a three month internship abroad - nowhere far, just from Canada to America. I must have changed my eating habits recently prior, but I found that I wasn't going to the washroom - for an entire week. Being young, I still felt normal, but I was aggravated knowing that it wasn't healthy, so one day I picked up Activia yogurt while I was doing my groceries [not thinking much of it, I just needed food]. Interestingly enough, once I started eating it - just one a day, I started using the washroom regularly. Not as spectacularly as I might have liked, but at least it was SOMETHING! It also worked fairly shortly after I ate it, and was really gentle on my system - no cramps or anything for me; then again, I'm a fairly healthy person normally. I only ate it a few times [groceries were a PAIN!], but will start again soon! Hopefully it'll be as good this time! Don't know why it didn't work so well for others.'

Sarah said:

'I've only been drinking Dannon Activia for 4 days, but I have noticed a difference. I had my gall bladder removed last October. Since then I've been plagued with loose stools - sometimes to such a degree that I have had "accidents". I have to practically ingest anti-diarrhea medicine like candy to eliminate like a regular person. This all takes place, mind you, even after I've cut down on my fat intake.

In the 4 days I've been drinking the Activia drink, I've only had 1 watery stool. This may be a fluke do to the fact that I've been eating less in these four days (somehow I never feel as hungry during the day when I have Activia for breakfast). Regardless, I've been feeling far more regular than I have since my operation.

I'll continue the two week program to see if it will help keep my problems at bay. I certainly hope Activia is truly helping me, because I can't stand the though of having to have anti-diarrhea medicine with me wherever I go for the rest of my life.'

Dave said:

'Lately I've been having heartburn issues where I feel the burning in my esophagus up into the back of my throat. It causes terrible pain, and it also causes me to belch up bile which, needless to say, tastes terrible... and it also burns the back of my throat when it comes up.

I brought the issue up with my mother who was a registered nurse for many years and she found a web site where someone posted about similar symptoms to what I've been experiencing. The person who posted said they went to the doctor with these symptoms, but rather than prescribe a medication the doctor suggested the person try eating the Activia yogurt for a few weeks. The person who posted claimed that after a few weeks of eating Activia the symptoms had gone away.

That made me decide to give it a shot to try to relieve some of these digestive problems I've been having. So far I've been eating one 4oz yogurt every day for almost 2 weeks now. I have noticed the heartburn has been significantly reduced, and since I have been eating the Activia I have not had any of the unpleasant belching.

It is not all blue skies and sunshine, though. Since I've been eating Activia I have (as several who posted before me have also claimed) been troubled with frequent stomach pains which indicate the need for frequent bowel movements that are often loose and/or liquid.

I believe (as Colby said) that it is a form of detox that your body is going through to flush out the bad. I will continue to eat Activia on a daily basis to give it time to do its thing. If things continue to go well and this "bowel movement" issue settles down after some time.. I will continue to eat Activia.'

Trudy said:

'I am so happy to find my Activia yogurt at Wal Mart. I buy every week $30.00 worth, I'd be lost without it. I just wish they would make cherry with fiber. Strawberry and cherry I can't get enough of it. The only thing I complain about, I wish they wouldn't keep going up on their price all the time.'

Deanne said:

'Have suffered with mild constipation for a long time, Activia yogurt reckons it beats that bloated feeling and improves daily transit. Been on it for a week now, I'm more bloated than ever and more constipated than ever. This stuff should be banned!!!! After reading these reviews there's more againsts than fors.'

Anonymous said:

'OH MY GOSH ...... I am on my last trial day and I have never had so much gas in my life. EVERY minute of the day, each day. My experience with Activia yogurt? GAS and BLOATING- I felt like a big balloon about to float away ... just terrible.

It was so bad last nightI jumped on Google this morning curious if anyone else has experienced any symptoms ... whatdoyaknow. I tried every single Activia flavor out there including the ones with cereal- never again.'

Savannah said:

'I love the way Activia yogurt tastes, however ... it doesn't love me. AND, I experienced anal itching - never before did I have this problem. It was driving me crazy. Plus, regular one day, very watery bowel movements the next day .... very irratic. I used the product for about 2 weeks. I have to stop. Very disappointed in results.'

Jan said:

'Two Words: Colon Explosion'

Ronnii said:

'BAD STUFF! I have IBS, Activia yogurt should have been a good thing for me, but I have only had 3 (one daily for 3 days) and this is my 2nd day home sick from work! Horrible cramps, "rumbling" stomach 24/7, diarrhea (LOTS), every time I eat, it just gets worse. They really need to list possible side effects, but it won't happen because they're all about profits. I have actually passed out from the pain, good thing I was not somewhere I could have gotten hurt. BE CAREFUL with this stuff.'

Terry said:

'I have been eating Activia yogurt for 8 days and have had no problems with pain or bloating. I have always disliked yogurt, but I love the Activia. '

Mary said:

'I have gerd and I take aciphex and ranitidene for this problem and I also suffer with chronic constipation as well. I took Activia yogurt for about 12 days and had to stop.

The first week was fine. In the second week, I experienced a sore throat and continuous cough that persisted until I stopped eating activia. These are symptons of acid reflux which I had experienced before and had been under control with my prescription medication but got aggravated when I started eating activia. Although, my stomach had a more calming effect my bowel situation nor the elimination process ever improved. I would not recommend this product for someone who has serious digestive issues.'

Connie said:

'I don't eat yogurt daily, it's more like monthly. When I do, I eat 2 or 3 in a day, and have no problems. But this has changed.

The first time I bought Activia yogurt was only a few days ago, and I ate two today. The first one was in the morning, and the second was after lunch. It was about two hours after I ate the second one that I began to bloat and my stomach began to ache. The symptoms have subsided now, after I used a hot Chinese medicated oil called Four Season.

Maybe I ate this stuff too much. How much Activia yogurt can we safely eat in one day? As for Activia, I haven't really seen the difference beside the bloating and stomachache. It tastes good, though. Maybe I'll try it again sometime.'

Bunny said:

'I found Activia yogurt to be ok - but the sweetener that is in it is too much. I prefer a non-sweetened brand.'

Shelley said:

'I love the Activia yogurt and have had no problems whatsoever. I've been eating it for a year or so.'

Christen J said:

'I LOVE ACTIVIA yogurt and also the DanActive Immunity. I feel more energized and it actually curbs my appetite. I also like the other people who have positive results, eat healthy and exercise an hour a day. It tastes great and I would definitely recommend it.'

My Recommended Probiotics


Danielle said:

'I recently tried the Activa yogurt to find out what all the hype was about. I usually don't buy it, because it is loaded with sugar. The taste is fantastic, super creamy and tasty, but after having one a day for about 5 days I started having a full bloaty feeling in my abdomen. I had narrowed it down to the yogurt and am not eating anymore of it, but the bloaty feeling persists. I'm hoping it resolves soon.'

Kimmy said:

'I love Activia yogurt! It tastes great and keeps me regular. I have a pretty healthy diet, and I think Activia helps keep my stomach down! No constipation or bloating for me anymore! :)'

Amy said:

'I'm so glad I came across this website. I just got off the phone with an Activia rep that assured me that my symptoms of severe cramping and stomach spasms had nothing to do with their product. They really need to put some kind of warning that you may have these symptoms so people aren't scared to death that there's something really wrong with them! I almost let my son eat a bite of it! I just would like to know when does the cramping go away?'

Rhonda said:

'I ate a 100 gm container of Activia everyday for 9 days. At first things were great, but then I started having intestinal pain, diarrhea, vertigo, headaches, bloating and heartburn! I stopped eating it 6 days ago, but I still can't go back to work because of the bloating and heartburn.

I'm hoping someone can recommend something to counteract the Activia. (I think antibiotics might be my only choice).

Danone definitely needs to put a warning label on this product!'

Rhonda, I'd be cautious about taking antibiotics for this. I know you want to zap the bacteria that was in the Activia but you'll get all the others too and give yourself a fresh lot of problems. Ride it out, if you can. No clear answer on how long these distressing side effects might last but here is my best guess on how long does Activia stay in your body.

Mandy said:

'Terrible. They should classify Activia yogurt under the category of laxative with warnings on it since they advertise it as such along with cautions regarding potential side effects. It's irresponsible to put this stuff out there without a large statement regarding potential negative effects. It could be dangerous to some people with existing conditions. I've been eating it for a long time (didn't realize it was classified as a laxative) and couldn't figure out why I had such bad cramping. Turns out it was the yogurt. It did nothing to increase transit time but it caused severe cramping.

I'm changing back to the other sweetened yogurt used in the past. Don't touch this stuff if you haven't already.'

Lori said:

'I started eating Activia yogurt 4 weeks ago because I was on a 6 day course of strong antibiotics. MISTAKE. For that time I have experienced increased bloating, gas, gurgling stomach, cramps after meals...these symptoms came on slowly and not all at once, so it didn't dawn on me until today that it was the Activia.

I ate my Activia last night before bed, as I was hungry after work. I slept awful, had frequent urination all night, cramps. In the morning I felt awful, dizzy, foggy, shaky, diarrhea, etc.

Threw the rest out. Going back to good old fashioned yogurt.

Lori, I also have just finished a course of antibiotics. I took Align probiotic at an increased dosage and it kept my insides happy throughout the course.

William said:

'Have been eating Activia yogurt for four days now (alternating strawberry and peach each day), and it took me this long to realize it must be the Activia that is causing this horrible pain in my intestines. I have terrible gas all the time (started day 1), diarrhea at night for some reason (started day 3), and a twisting feeling in my intestines (started tonight). I emailed Dannon about it, but since I found this site, I think I will now stop the "Activia Challenge" while I can still go to work during the day. So far, my main problems have been each night. I love yogurt. Activia? I think I'll steer really clear of it from now on.

Debbie said:

'Tried Activia yogurt as I had terrible abdominal bloating, irregular bowel. It really helped. I experienced no discomfort but then I stopped using it while on holiday for 2 weeks, came back, started back on my Activa and it's not working ....increased abdominal pain etc .... strange, but I'll stick with it as it's only been 5 days.'

Christy said:

'I thought I'd give Activia yogurt a try since I am ridiculously irregular (I go maybe 1 or 2x's a week) and typically bloated. Well, the bloating is gone - which is wonderful, but I'm not going more than 1x per week. However, I have developed a terrible BV. I really think this BV is linked to Activia although all posts say to TAKE Activia for a wicked BV. I have been eating 2 cups per day for about 1.5 weeks and think the influx of bacteria has compromised my 'other' region and caused this wicked BV. Looks like I'll need to stop, darn it (I love not being bloated!!) But this has to be the cause of the BV. Anyone other females out there experiencing this problem?'

The bacteria in Activia yogurt is not any of the ones that cause BV. Having said that, it is possible - although not likely - to have somehow causd an imbalance.

G said:

'I am mid-30s, male, and had been trying to solve my allergy problems for nearly 15 years through a variety of means. By summer 2008 I had become convinced that my allergies were sourced in my intestines. I've never had any sort of regularity problems, with the exception that my intestines sometimes were irritable in the morning, especially if I was under stress. I am in good physical condition, a swimmer, and a lacto-ovo veget

Because I was convinced that my allergies were coming from my intestines, and after yet another allergy attack in November 2008, I decided to try Activia yogurt, basically out of desperation and looking for a way to improve my digestion. So far, I do not regret that decision: within several weeks I realized that, not only did I not feel allergy problems, but my digestion had improved and that I felt better and healthier as well. My swimming has improved, and I've lost weight. For than 7 months I have had not the least sign of allergy problems, and that's the longest span in 20 years for me. I do not eat Activia every day, but once every two days, for breakfast, mixed with muesli. I use the plain Activia, with no fruit or anything added to it. Lately I have tried Activia once every three days and experienced no different effects.

For other side effects, I have noticed that my improved digestion has meant a bit more gas if I eat something like beans, but not something major or discomfort-causing.

In short, it seems to me that people who have poor digestion problems in the first place will benefit from Activia yogurt; people who have allergies sourced in their intestines might try it as well to see if there is any positive effect. Activia has changed my life!'

Carol said:

'I have tried Activia yogurt and have also experienced the watery bathroom seiges. Does anyone know IF this is a cleansing process?'

Delphine said:

'I have been using Activia yogurt now for 3 months and experiencing a lot of phlegm and stomach cramps. I can't seen to get rid of the phlegm and saw every doctor about this and a burning in my esophagus which I had checked. The phlehm is a puzzler.'

Dar said:

'I love the pro biotic yogurt. It has helped with my stomach and intestine problems. In the beginning it was a tad uncomfortable but hardly to the extent that everyone here has claimed. I did find it helped to loosen the bowels and stop the cramping that I was experiencing. I also seemed to loose some weight and felt great. I do realize that when you are restoring your flora and fauna in the gut that it can be painful and "uncomfortable" to begin with but if given time it works out the problems and restores your system to healthy state. I used to work in a pharmacy in Fl that brought in the pro biotic suppliments when they came out in the late 90's. That was the one thing they said to us you have to bear through the adjustment period.'

Jackie said:

'I tried Activia yogurt and 8 hrs later I felt like I drank the stuff they give before a colonoscopy. It was awful as I began to feel weak from losing so much stool and liquid in such a short time. The next day it was still causing water stools and changed the color and consistency to a scarey lite brown/orange color and that was on container. No more Activia will go in my body!!!'

Jenna said:

'I've been using Activia yogurt for 10 days now. I chose to do so because it's often difficult for me to #2. Frankly, I don't have time to sit there and wait (I'm talkin' 10 minutes at a time). I wanted to try this yogurt in hopes that it would help push it through my system easier and quicker.

While I have not experienced any pain due to cramping or diarrhea, I have found an increase in bowel movements. However, these bowel movements are not any easier or quicker. If anything, they're harder and almost feels as if I'm constipated. It seems as if Activia is having an opposite reaction. My stool is also a green color. I haven't changed my diet in any way. There is nothing that I have eaten to cause this. I was told that this color change is due to the bowel contents passing through my system too quickly and is ultimately not a healthy bowel movement.

I'm most definitely going to stop taking this yogurt. I just hope I don't have horrible symptoms following!'

Marla said:

'On Activia yogurt for over a week, got my Doctors appointment for the stomach pain. Stay away from this stuff.'

Kathy said:

'Started Activia yogurt about 10 days ago - once a day. Love the taste of it. And I think it has helped my digestive/stomach problems. No Diarrhea or cramps. I have found it to be the best tasting yogurt so far and plan on upping my consumption to twice a day. So glad I didn't see this site and read all the negatives prior to trying it. I would have missed out on a delicious item.'

Ash said:

'Activia yogurt saved me from exploratory surgery. Seriously. I had a post-surgical infection and was treated with some heavy duty antibiotics. I had horrible stomach cramps beginning shortly after surgery and getting worse after the antibiotic regimen. The pain was so bad and acute that my doctor was considering exploratory surgery to see if there was some problem from the first surgery. On the off chance it might work she put me on Activia yogurt for 2 weeks (and I'm also on a probiotic pill) and my digestive system has completely returned to normal! I'm so thankful that this works because the pain was unbearable. Granted, I ate 3 Activia a day and then the probiotic pill (over the counter), which might seem like a lot but obviously my digestive system needed the probiotics for balance after the antibiotic. I have NEVER had any urgency, pain, or frequency after all these activia yogurts for so long. So I have no idea why those other people are having so many problems. It was a godsend for me.'

Theresa said:

'I love Activia yougurt, especially the vanilla. I put strawberries in mine. For those who are saying it is causing them tremendous pain or even withdrawal symptoms sounds a little extreme. To me its just great."

Julia said:

'I did not have any problems before I started eating Activia yogurt. I only tried it because I had a coupon. It does nothing negative nor positive for me. Taste and digests like a normal yogurt.'

Tempest said:

'I wrote Dannon on ACTIVIA because the 'yogurt' had a laxative affect. I wasn't expecting that. They were very kind and reassured me Activia yogurt was not a medication ie a laxative, but they did not dispute my fact that it had a laxative affect. Not only a medication makes you go: This is all in the wording of the product, using lingo like 'regularis' implies it's going to make you go. My fear was for children using it or people with cancer treatment. They do not need their bowels speeded up. The product needs better descriptive advertizing and people who are 'going fairly normally' should not use this product. Keep it away from your kids, grandkids, cancer patients in my opinion. It's not a typical yogurt replacement for a kids lunch box. Dannon MUST update their commercial with more hard facts and truths to avoid this product falling into the worng stomachs. Adults can easily stop taking it and you'll be fine, but kids.. we need to watch out for them. The old adage 'more truth in adverstisement' is needed here.'

Tempest said:

"I didn't state my experience in my prior post. I had a normal bm, daily, prior to using Activia yogurt, but thought extra probiotics sounded great. I took ACTIVIA for 6 days straight with my simple breakfast. In 24 hours of the first cup I had one solid bm then two loose ones the next morning, from day 2 through the end of Day7 when I stopped use I had three extremely watery bm's each morning. I'm very cognizant of what I eat because I control my diabetes via food. Although, it has been several days since stopping it's use, my bowels are still not back to the normal. I think they will evenutally return to what they were before using the ACTIVIA. Dannon sent me coupons for my experience. Again, I fear for cancer patients and children using this product. I think it'd be a great product for someone who is truly constipated.'

Claire said:

'I eat healthy and I am active. I am currently eating one Activia Vanilla Yogurt in the morning and I am regular as a clock now. I weighed 288 lbs in 2005 due in part to years of constipation. I have stayed at 130 for over a 2 years thanks in part, I think to the addition of Activia back when the constipation started coming back.'

My Recommended Probiotics


Dominic said:

Note that Dominic's review is not really about Activia yogurt but about one of Dannon's other yogurts. But there is so much good and useful information in it that I felt most readers would benefit from it.

'No, I haven't actually tried Activia yogurt. But I have eaten Dannon regular-fat PLAIN yogurt since the late 1970s, so my comments and personal experience may still help others overcome or avoid intestinal distress.

You have to know intuitively that Activia yogurt is a marketing scam, primarily directed at women. It is less product for more money, with a lot of advertising thrown in, as well as questionable other ingredients.

If you suffering bloating, cramping, and/or IBS, and don't get the reaction you are hoping for from plain regular-fat live-culture yogurt whose only listed ingredient is cultured grade A milk, doesn't seem likely that a 'super' yogurt will do you much good. And more likely, it may give you many additional problems.

If Activia yoghurt has thrown your gut for a loop, or you are thinking of trying Activia, try plain, regular-fat Dannon yogurt instead.

Secondly, a big 8 oz. shot of ANY yogurt once or twice a day may just be too much. I'm looking at a big 32 oz. tub of Dannon plain regular-fat yogurt right now. I couldn't imagine eating a whole FOURTH of that big tub at one sitting! I eat two or three tablespoons of the stuff, THROUGHOUT the day, between meals in particularly. It is my favorite 'pass by' snack, because I like tart snacks to begin with. Everytime I pass by the refrigerator I open it for something to eat. So the Dannon plain regular-fat is my go-to snack.

One 32 oz. tub of the stuff lasts me a week, so daily, I'm eating about 4.5 oz. But remember, that's THROUGHOUT the day, a few tablespoons at a time -- not all at once.

Thirdly, FAT content. I wish I had bookmarked it but years ago I read an anatomy text that said the presence of fat in food after it leaves the stomach and enters the small intestine is what triggers reflexive contractions leading to a bowel movement. Too much fat AT ONE TIME, as in the way of soggy bacon, will cramp you up, but routine passage of small amounts of fat AT A TIME throughout the day will keep you regular. And that has been my own personal experience. And if that's the bottom-line truth about digestion, that fat content is as important as fiber content, and you leave out the fat as with non-fat yogurt, where does that leave you?

Doesn't sound too glamorous but I can always 'feel' the Dannon regular-fat plain yogurt working its way through me. And that's a GOOD feeling, the routine intestinal peristalsis that pushes stuff through, and most importantly, I suffer NO BLOATING WHATSOEVER! It does make me break wind, frequently, but never uncontrollably, or with a deafening sonic boom, or with an angry stink. Also this doesn't sound glamorous as well, but how many of you suffering bloating and/or constipation would like to sit on the throne at least three times a day for less than five minutes at a time and have a nice full effortless one-wipe dump each time?

Now think about it. What if everyone who eats yogurt ate only one 32 oz. tub of LOW-COST, plain, regular-fat yogurt per week? How much of the stuff could you sell and how much profit could you make? Not as much as when you offer a multitude of fruit-laden, HFCS-laden (read the label, it's even in Dannon fruit-on-bottom yogurts nowadays) "probiotic"-laden, "prebiotic"-laden versions.

And if irregularity and bloating are bothering you, most definitely keep the fruit and other sweet stuff SEPARATE from the plain yogurt! It just may be that the unmitigated tart taste of Dannon regular-fat plain yogurt stimulates salivary production to begin with, at the very beginning of the digestion process. And that sets the reflexive tone for everything else down the line. So if you have to eat it quickly, and wash the Activia down with water as Leigh related, perhaps that too is setting the stage for problems.

Now low-fat and no-fat stuff is all the rage and what-not, but what has happened? Seems even more people are having even worse intestinal troubles, even IBS and Crohn's disease! So what does a profit-oriented business climate do? Offer products to combat the growing number of intestinal troubles. Read up on Zelnorm for one sad story. Now it seems Activia is picking up where prescription Zelnorm left off.

Even though I know better from experience, I still fall off the routine of having a little bit of plain Dannon regular-fat yogurt throughout the day. Then I get irregular. Then I start to bloat a little. Then I get back on track again, and within a day everything is hunky-dory again.

All this is admittedly easy for me to say, cause I LOVE the taste of Dannon regular-fat plain yogurt. But it works for me, and perhaps my thirty-year experience can help you.'

Jami said:

'If you don't have bowel issues to begin with, don't eat Activia yogurt. I ate it for 2 weeks and was nauseated the entire time before I figured out the culprit. I also has very runny and mucousy stool. After stopped eating it, my symptoms went away.'

Tracy said:

'I landed on this website as I am home sick today due to explosive, watery diarrhea and the most horrendous case of gas for three days now. All this has left me light headed and dizzy. The only change I have made is adding Activia yogurt with fiber to my diet. When I told this to a friend she informed me that others have the same problem with Activia yogurt - I won't use this product again. It has really made me feel very ill. I agree with Cindi it should be labeled appropriately or at the very least have a warning on it for side effects.'

Danielle said:

"We purchased a whole case of Activia yogurt from the market as it was cheaper then other yogurts, and lets be honest, it looks good. So when we got home, I opened two as (as they are tiny) am I 5'9, 128lbs... and never been able to go #2 daily, so I thought what a great way to deal with the problem.... WEll well well..... 4 hours later, I thought I was going to DIE, I throw up over and over again, from 7pm to at least 3 in the morning..... I have never been that sick in yearssssss!!!! I am shocked that they sell this product to be honest with you.

I mean think about it, what if a young girl was baby-sitting a little one, and she thought "oh it's snack time" and she pulls out a Activia yogurt.

This stuff is TERRIBLE~ And makes people very ill!"

Ann said:

Note this review is not on Activia yogurt but I felt it worth including because the info might well help someone.

'I want to mention something about Dan Activ. It's eliminated my fibromyalgia pain. Other yogurts might do the same. I started with an acidophilus and am trying different ones, but Dan Activ works great. Vitamin D3 also has helped and I started them a few weeks apart. Lactic acid (via the probiotic yogurts) is the key factor for fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with a pelvic floor problem, but realized later that it is fibromyalgia, as it started after pelvic surgery. I had fibro in another area of the body 20 years ago, so I know what the spasming pain feels like. It took 3 yrs to get over the earlier episode. Because of a bladder condition I was told not to eat any yogurt, as it is too acidic. But in the end, no yogurt made it worse and yogurt fixes makes it all feel better.'

Darla said:

'Activia yogurt may work for some but not for me. It made me so sick I thought I would die. Headaches, intestinal distress, acid reflux, muscle aches. FINALLY, I realized it was Activia, I have stopped eating it and the symptoms are slowly going away. They need to place a warning on this product so people know that it may or may not work for them and to discontinue using if you experience these symptoms. I thought it would help me not make me ill.'

Denise said:

'I have just finished my "2 Weeks" on Activia yogurt

And I am taking my first sick day in ages. First off I have never been sooo irregular in my life and second my last dose was Saturday and I have been deathly ill since, stomach cramps, nausea, sleeping, achy, but mostly stomach pain or lower abdominal pain like you wouldn't believe. This stuff is dangerous. I am glad it works for some but as for me my 2 week end was my last ever. Now could someone please tell me how to "cure the cure"?'

Diane said:

'I started eating Activia yogurt three weeks ago to counter attack constipation from methadone treatment. I triple love vanilla! The only thing I have encountered that would be considered bad is burning when I have a bowel movement. It burns so bad I need to quickly sit in a tub of cool water. Other than that, so far so good!!'

Camille said:

'I bought Activia yogurt to attempt to regulate my constipated digestive system and experienced nothing. There was no cramps and no increased digestion. I felt that it did nothing to improve my constipation. What it did do though was make my metabolism faster I burned food faster but nothing came out the other end.'

Jess said:

'Activia sounds like its a great product, but it has cause me nothing but pain. I am young, (27) healthy, active woman. I work out and eat well, however after a long trip, my digestive system was slow and had a hard time getting it back into the swing of things so to speak. So I tried Activia and it did help with my digestion, but now 2 days after not eating it anymore I have really bad cramps, and a headache like no other. Its not fun....I am currently having trouble eating because when I do its painful, I get really bad cramps. I know this is related to the Activia and will not eat or buy it again. Activia is not a safe product as far as I am concerned. For some people yes great, but for me ouch...hope it ends soon.'

Kevin said:

'I just wanted to say that Activia yogurt is good for guys also. I've been eating it once a day for the past month or so and I feel great! I have had stomach problems in the past with bloating and acid reflux and thanks to Activia, it's for the most part gone. I will continue to eat Activia not just for the health benefits, but for the taste also.'

Nerva said:

'I am lactose intolerant. I LOVE milk and yogurt and cheeses, so you can guess what a dilemma I am in. I also have digestive problems (undiagnosed except for the lactose thing). I drink Lactaid and take those pills for everything else.

I am currently eating one Activia Vanilla Yogurt with fiber every day. I LOVE THE STUFF. I have to take a Lactaid pill with it or I will have a bad reaction (diarrhea, loose stools, terrible pains, etc). However, when I remember to eat one with a Lactaid pill, or with Lactaid Milk, I'm not only fine, it's done amazingly well in reducing the bloat factor. I only like vanilla or banana flavors in yogurt, and I don't like artificial sweeteners at all, so I really appreciate the product and it does work as expected, taking into account my own dietary limitations.'

Rachel said:

'I had a similar expierence to Cindy - but I got the new Activia yogurt with added fiber. I had one for breakfast with my lowfat poptarts and found myself up in the middle of the night that night with the worst stomach cramps I've ever had and serious diareha. The only thing that was new to my diet was the Activia and I'm a little scared to eat it again - though I'm wondering if one of the posts I read about the good bacteria pushing out the bad bateria might be right - but I'm just not sure I want to feel those stomach cramps again.'

Leigh said:

'I've been having horrible constipation for the past few months and tried every laxative known to man. I was reading a bunch of blogs and tries Miralax and it finally worked. I eat healthy and exercise and by no means do I want to live on laxatives. It's been 3 weeks since I've taken the medicine.

I started Activia yogurt a week ago at the recomendation of my father and I feel completely back to normal again! I only have it once a day as a snack right after lunch and I'm now back to going #2 twice a day again and I feel so much better in just a week. I was getting nervous when I couldn't go and gained a lot of weight in a short period of time. Now I'm starting to see and feel a difference and I couldn't be happier. I do have to admit though, it isn't the best tasting yogurt I've had. I have to scarf it down so I don't throw up and then drink some water real quick to get the taste out of my mouth. I'm now on the vanilla with fiber and it's much better than the nasty strawberry.'

Jeff said:

'Dannon Activa yoghurt has caused severe intestinal pain in me. I'm going back to Lifeway kefir and hope it kills the Activa "infection". Unfortunately, it's "clinically proven" to survive in the intestine, so I may have to undergo a heaving dosing of antibiotics to get rid of it and rebuild with truly probiotic kefir.'

Brenda said:

'I ate Activia yogurt for one week and stopped because of severe stomach cramping, bloating and just an overall feeling of sickness. I thought I had the stomach flu at first - but it lingered and lingered - then I heard these symptoms might be related to the Activia. I stopped eating it and feel much better. Guess it is not for everybody.'

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Randy said:

'Activia yogurt is a bacterial laxative. With both my wife and myself the bacteria became resident in our systems and causes watery stool, and 6-8 BM's per day and anal incontinence. We have been unable to get this stuff from our system.

I called Dannon and asked how to get rid of it, and they said that it should be gone in 2 weeks. This has proven to be untrue I've been to the Gastro doc, had a colonoscopy and still no way to get rid of it. If someone else finds a way to get this junk out of your system please post here.'

Barbara said:

'To answer Randy's question about how to get the Activia yogurt probiotics out of his system I suggest taking an antibiotic. They kill all the bad bacteria and the good ones too. I think the people are right when they say it will be gone in 2 weeks, but if you don't want to wait try antibiotics.'

Jeanne said:

'Unfortunately, my 2 sons and I all had a horrible experience with Activia yogurt.

My oldest son, 15, is diabetic, has been his entire life. We eat healthy and are active. Since losing my job, I decided to try Activia since it was on sale and I had heard so many wonderful things about it.

I made the mistake of eating 6 containers over a 6 day period. I stopped eating it 3 days ago and I'm still sick. I had to take my youngest son, 13, to the doctor because he began vomitting and having severe abdominal cramps with diarreha. My oldest son, who is diabetic, went into Diabetic KetoAcidosis because of this stuff - vomitting, stomach cramps and extremely high ketones. It took my over 14 hours, 10 separate insulin injections and numerous calls to his specialist to get him balanced.

And no, we weren't battling a stomach flu, none of us had fevers - the only change in our diet was the Activia yoghurt. I threw the remaining containers away and went out and bought our Yoplait. I'll never let my family eat that crap again. Like I said, I'm still sick. I ate the most of it, my kids didn't like it, and I'm glad; I'd hate to think of what they'd still be experiencing if they ate more than 1 each.

Consumer beware:- Do not eat this product if you do not have existing stomach problems - this is designed for people who have irregular digestive systems. If you eat healthy and have a good countanence, you will not need this product.'


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