Align Controls My IBS

by Helen
(Buffalo, USA)

Align is one of the best probiotics about for IBS.

I suffered for years with IBS with it sometimes being so bad I daren't go out. If I went to a restaurant I was too scared to eat knowing that sometimes after just a few mouthful I would feel that need "to go". And look out if the rest room was too far away! You all know what I mean!

I started taking Align a couple of months ago and it didn't seem to work to start with so I increased the dose to two capsules after a week and that did the trick for me. My bowels have settled right down. I can go shopping or visiting with friends without having to worry about how close the nearest bathroom is.

Align is a probiotic which means it has bacteria in it. I don't like the idea of taking bugs but I'd heard good reviews of it so I thought it worth a try. I'm very glad I did.

My mom tells me I used to eat dirt when I was young so I guess if the bugs didn't hurt me then they won't hurt me now. LOL

My advice when taking Align is to start with the recommended dose (1 capsule) and then if that doesn't work, take more. I take 2 every day and my diarrhea has completely stopped. I used to always feel as if I might "go" at any moment. Now, most of the time, I feel good. I still watch what I eat but things have improved a hundred percent on what it was like before starting Align.

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Oct 19, 2009
by: Dawn

Don't worry about it having bacteria in it, Helen. Probiotics are GOOD bacteria. Align contains Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 and has been in many medical studies and trials.

Be a lot better for you than the dirt you ate as a kid!

Jan 17, 2011
Align helps
by: Kate

My son is much improved after starting to use Align every day.

Apr 10, 2011
B. infantis
by: Anonymous

If Drs. Pimentel and Li are correct, and if IBS is caused by SIBO, then SIBO is likely a triple whammy disorder.

1. Bacteria are where they shouldn't be (i.e. small bowel) and they wind up eating up the nutrients you eat, thus leaving you undernourished. So it's like living with 3 gillion tiny tapeworms.

2. They excrete gas as a byproduct, making you feel extremely full (sometimes painfully so), so you eat less, thus leaving you undernourished.

3. Feeling bloated 20 minutes after eating something leads to the psychological phenomenon known as "taste aversion.? So you self-medicate, by eating less, thus leaving you undernourished. So I wouldn't be surprised that people who suffer from SIBO tend to be thin.

When I see the bloated abdomens of infants in places like Sudan and Ethiopia, I often wonder if these children are actually suffering from SIBO amongst other things. If you don't eat, the intestinal tract shuts down. If there is no more peristalsis and no more food going down to keep bacteria growth in check, it's plausible that bacteria from the large bowel then trek upwards, past the ileocecal valve where they wreak havoc with the child's appetite.

People who work with these children often say that these children have a paradoxically small appetite. You'd think that starving to death would give you a huge appetite if offered food. I wonder if first giving these children antibiotics would allow them to regain their appetite.

I know that when I took my first dose of penicillin and erythromycin, my appetite immediately returned and I started regaining weight quickly. Of course, as soon as I went off the regimen 10 days later, the symptoms came back within 24 hours, but then, I wasn't taking probiotics at that time to replace the bad bugs so they were able to take up residency again.

I started taking B infantis about 1 month ago while taking antibiotics in order to give the pathogens that had taken up residence in the small intestine a one-two punch. Kill them off and supplant them with non-gas-producing B infantis.

(B infantis is available in Align probiotic. )

I would say the symptoms have decreased about 50%. So I can attest that B. infantis does seem to work. I just wish that they'd invent an enteric-coated pill to get the pill past the bacteria-killing acid of the stomach so they can get to the small bowel where they can do some good.

So for me, it works well. I have experimented with culinary cures for SIBO, using things like extracts, herbs, spices, teas, etc.

Peppermint oil seems to work a little, but not enough. I seek the ultimate cure - 100% of the symptoms gone. Something tells me that SOMETHING natural will smack down the bad bugs in the small bowel in the same way that an antibiotic does, but that you can take forever.

It's not a good idea to take an antibiotic for 20 years straight, but if taking concentrated licorice or cayenne will cure me, hell, I'll do anything. I want to be able to enjoy food, live a normal life, and not cringe when going out to eat.

Sep 07, 2014
by: Sam

I have been having constipation,cramping, bloating and gas pain for 3.5 years.

Finally after having surgeon tell me, it's not my gall bladder, you have IBS.

I started doing research on the Internet. I read about B. infantis and found some Align at Sam's Club. All I can, say is from the day I started taking it my life has changed. The bloating is gone, there is lots of activity in my bowels, constipation is gone. I've been taking this for 1 week and I'm crossing my fingers that this is the way my life will be from now on as long as I keep taking Align.

Aug 07, 2016
b.infantis did not work
by: Anonymous

B.infactis did not work for me. I was diagnosed with IBS and SIBO last year in 2016. I started with flagyl and B.infantis. But B.infantis did not make any improvement.

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