Align - Moderated Impossible IBS

by Justine
(New York)

I've been taking Align for a year now and it has moderated - not cured -my IBS. I'm grateful for that. I'd more or less given up on finding anything that would help but Align has given me the freedom to lead a relatively normal life.

Pre-Align, I couldn't go anywhere without having a plan of escape in readiness. I had to know where the nearest ladies was at all times.

And I had my share of embarrassment when I would be caught short. The diarrhea is something that you just can not plan for.

My worst occasion was when I had arranged to meet girl-friends for lunch. We had no sooner sat down and ordered than I knew I had to get to the rest room. I bolted for it, but unfortunately not fast enough. The inevitable happened!

I cleaned myself up the best I could and slunk out a back exit. I was too embarrassed to face my friends. They all know I have "tummy troubles" but if you haven't suffered then you don't really know what it is like.

I got to my car, and phoned the restaurant to get them to pass a message to my friends saying I had become unwell.

Anyway, I heard about Align through a work colleague and started taking 2 a day and it really has helped. I still do have attacks of diarrhea but no where near as much as I used to. The bloating is a thing of the past.

If you're suffering with any symptoms of IBS then I suggest you try it. I know it completely cures some people. Not me - but I wouldn't be without it.

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Apr 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

This is helpful to know and I appreciate you sharing your horror story. Anyone who suffers from IBS has had a similar experience. I shall try Align and see how it works for me.

God bless.

Oct 19, 2011
Helps Me too
by: Daisy Do

I can SO completely understand your point of view. A medicine doesn't have to completely cure a person to be a GOD SEND for them.

This is how I feel about Align probiotic. No it has not cured me. I don't believe anything ever will.

Not meaning to sound negative but sometimes these things are just sent to try you. It could be a TEST FROM GOD. Who am I to say.

So I battle with it daily. That is my cross to bear.

The battle makes me stronger.

But now that I take align the battle is bearable. I get good days. There are still plenty of bad days but no where near what I use to have.

So yes I do understand what the previous person means.

Dec 30, 2011
by: Jim

So where is the best place to buy Align? Is it one of the probiotics that are damaged by heat? Do I need to ensure it is packed in ice for transport?

Answered by Dawn

You can Align at most drug stores or buy online at Amazon, Jim.
Align Digestive Care Probiotic Supplement

Align is freeze dried and specially formulated to not need refrigeration. Just keep it at room temperature and you'll be fine.

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