Atropic Vaginitis

by Clare
(New York)

Q. I have atropic vaginitis and am having a lot of burning and pain. I am in my seventies and this just keeps getting worse. Even compound premarin burns. Will a baking soda soak help? I will start with one fourth teaspoon in the sitz bath water. Please help me. Thank You

A. Here are one or two suggestions that might help.

I don't believe that the baking soda sitz bath will help because it will take your vaginal pH the wrong way. After menopause the vagina becomes more alkaline.

See if your doctor thinks that Estrace cream might be better that Premarin. A lot of women find that Premarin does burn - Estrace has a different main ingredient. It might not help as they both contain a substance which can irritate sensitive skin but worth trying.

Postmenopausal women have reduced levels of good bacteria in their vagina. This can lead to more urinary tract infections and vaginal infections. The right bacteria down there will help raise the acidity level. Fem Dophilus
oral tablets will help with that. They are a probiotic that can help with age-related vaginal problems.

Have you tried a non hormonal water soluble vaginal cream such as Replens?

I hope that one of these suggestions might improve things for you. Atropic vaginitis is one of those things all we women have to look forward to!

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Dec 25, 2008
Sitz Bath Recipies
by: Dawn

Although a baking soda sitz bath is not the right choice for atropic vaginitis, if anyone wants more detail about the recipe then see

Dec 16, 2011
Try an Estrogen Ring
by: Anonymous

I have suffered from the same problem and found that an estrogen ring was the answer. It releases a much smaller does of estrogen than the estrogen skin patches do.

I didn't want to use the skin patch because they give you the same amount as the estrogen tablet does which has been linked to cancer and a few other nasties.

But the ring gives a much lower dose. You don't notice it once it is in because it is very high up and your partner should not be able to notice it either.

Don't let yourself get constipated because if you push a lot you can push it out. I learned that the hard way. LOL But I just stuck it back in. No biggie! But better not to have that happen.

One estrogen ring lasts for about 3 months and then you need to pop another one in. My doctor showed me how to do it the first time but since then I do it myself which is less embarrassing.

Hope this helps the older lady with the problem.

Dec 16, 2011
Eat Soy
by: Soy Girl

Eat plenty of soy to increase estrogen. Unless you are a guy.

Dec 25, 2011
Soy Helps Vaginal Dryness
by: Ginny

Taking soy in your diet can help with vaginal dryness in older postmenopausal women as much as hormone replacement therapy according to a 2011 study by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Brazil.

Hot flushes and pain was helped MORE by the soy than HR therapy and vaginal dryness was helped almost as much.

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