Never Ending BV

by Kristen

Q. I have had BV several times. First I took antibiotics for a week or two and it went away. It came back a few months later and I was treated again. It seems like I always have it. Now that I do not have insurance I have not been able to get back to the doctor for more meds. I have had BV this time around for about 9 months. I do not like the meds anyway cause the leave a gross taste in my mouth and are horse pills. Any ideas on what I can try thats not a prescription that will make it go away for good? Thanks for any help.

A. My suggestion would be to go through one final round with something like Metronidazole or Clindamycin even though you hate it and then finish off with a course of Fem Dophilus. The Fem Dophilus should stop the Bacterial Vaginosis from returning.

This seems to be the main problem with most of the conventional treatments - that although they get rid of the BV, it comes back eventually. By normalizing the vaginal flora you will have a much better shot of staying free.

Take a look at this page on the cause of Bacterial Vaginosis and make sure you're not doing anything that encourages it to return.

You could try just taking the Fem Dophilus as suggested on this page - Home Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis - some women have had success that way.

But quite honestly the quickest method is to follow conventional treatment with Fem Dophilus.

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Continuous BV

by Dana
(United States)

Q. I've been having continuous BV for the past few months now. What I've been taking to treat it is metronizole by mouth for the first few months that I've had it, and now taking metronizole gel vaginally. It goes away of course, then it seems that everytime I have sex, the infection comes back.

I don't now if I'm allergic to sex, semen? My husband used to finish inside of me, but not anymore. It helped the infection a little, but is still coming back. The antibiotics (metronizole) seems to work better than the metronizole gel, which is wayy more expensive than the antibiotics. I don't get it.

This BV is killing my nerves!!

A You're right on the button suspecting that sex is at the bottom of your continuous BV.

Bacterial vaginosis is NOT a sexual disease but because sexual activity can change the vaginal microflora, sex can act as a trigger for BV. The presence of semen raises the vaginal pH which can encourage the wrong type of bacteria to flourish.

As well, it is possible to be allergic to semen or even the soap that your husband uses.

I suspect that you have one or both of these things happening.

In a study done on yeast infection they discovered that saliva used in love making increased the likelihood of a woman getting vaginal yeast infection. Now as these things are all imbalances of the microflora I would suspect that saliva could increase the chance of getting BV too.

Try to ensure that you do not come in contact with semen or saliva at all during love making. Consider something like Fem Dophilus to reestablish the right bacteria down there.

Metronizole is good for getting rid of BV but unfortunately it leaves you vulnerable to it coming back. If it was me, I would be taking Fem Dophilus as I came off the Metronizole.

Good luck with it.

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by Anon

Q. I've had bv for 1 year and I get treated and it always comes back ... but now my symptoms are worse, causing rash ,swollen bikini glands, back pain,and fever. How do get rid of it??

A. It does sound as if you have more than a "simple" case of Bacterial Vaginosis going on. Have you been to your doctor? Are you quite sure that is what you have?

If you're sure it is BV and you're not pregnant then something such as Metronidazole 500 mg taken by mouth twice a day for 7 days should stop it.

You can read more about conventional Bacterial Vaginosis treatment on this page.

Start taking the probiotic Fem Dophilus before you finish the Metronidazole and keep taking it until you are completely clear of all symptoms before you stop. I explain it in more detail on the Home Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis page.

But, in all honesty, I do think there is more wrong than just the BV so please do go and get checked out by a doctor.

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Clindamycin and Fem Dophilus

by Shy Lady

Q. If I treat my BV with Clindamycin 2% cream, then taking the Fem Dophilus will keep it away correct?

My real question is ... how long should I take the Fem Dophilus? How will I know if I should take one or two tablets?

A. Yes, Clindamycin 2% cream for 7 nights is a good standard treatment. Insert 1 full applicator into the vagina each night.

I'm not a doctor so I can't give medical advise but if I ever got BV again I would (after conventional treatment) take 2 Fem Dophilus by mouth a day for 1 month.

Then go down to 1 capsule a day for another month and then slowly lower the dose still more (eg 1 every second day) until I was not taking any.

All the research show that this gives the best long lasting result.

Fem Dophilus has a good reputation for correcting abnormal bacterial conditions in the vagina.

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Recurring Bacterial Infections

by Aleisha
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Q. I was just wandering if recurring bacterial vaginosis could also be cause because of a hormonal imbalance. I am 28 years old and since I was 22 I have have irregular bleeding so badly that I had to go to the emergency room.

Every time that I went to the doctor they each told me different things about the infections...3 out of 7 told me it is sexually transmitted that is why I keep getting it back and the latter says that I can't give it to my partner, Every time I get the treatment whether it is pills or cream I take the whole treatment and then about 1 to 3 months later I get it back again.

One time I went to see a gyno ( have no health insurance) and she told me that the only way a woman can have or get PID is through gonarreah or clamydia ( I have been told that before) and so I told her about my ongoing bacterial infections and I was told that that can NOT lead to PID only sexually transmitted diseases can... so when I went to another doctor he told me that I had to have my fiance treated cause the reason why I am not getting rid of it is because he keeps on giving it back to me.

I haven't gotten pregnant in almost 10 years now and I have been with the same man for 6 years. I go through 10 tampons in 5 hours in the last 3 days... the most I have gone through in 7 years... but when I went to the gyno 2 years ago she told me the reason for my blood clotting was because of my lack of hormone progesterone, but when she gave that to me I still had the symptoms.

Since I have no medical insurance and my pelvic pain is getting worse and worse and the bleeding as you thing that my infertility can be treated by medicine or do you think it is too late for me?

A. Aliesha, I am not a doctor, simply someone who knows a great deal about probiotics. I honestly feel that what is happening with you needs much more assistance that I can give.

Probiotics are often very effective against Bacterial Vaginosis but you have much more than that going on.

I understand that without health insurance it can be difficult to afford decent health care. As I don't live in the USA I'm not sure where to suggest you should seek help.

Please, can any other reader give Aleisha advice on where she could get affordable (or better still free) health care where these problems can be looked at properly. It sounds as if you're being pushed around from person to person without getting proper answers.

I'm so sorry I can not be of more help.

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