Bad Breath Test

Everyone needs an "on the run" bad breath test.

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If you're like most people, you quickly cup your hands around your mouth and nose, breath out, and then inhale this "test breath". Well, sorry - but as a bad breath test that just doesn't work so well.

You see, because you live with the bugs in your mouth and throat 24/7, you're really not the best judge as to the quality of your breath.

And I'm not being rude saying that you have bacteria in your mouth. We all do. We're supposed to. It's part of having a healthy mouth. But sometimes we have the wrong bacteria living in our mouth or throat. That's when we have a problem.

Luckily, this is something that probiotics can help with.

The mouth, throat and nose are all connected so your nose is smelling your breath all the time. What happens is, it learns to ignore the smell. Doesn't matter how deeply you inhale that breath, how objective you try to be about it, you're just not going to smell what other people smell. And that's what you want - right?


Become your own bad breath tester

Lick your hand or arm (yes, really!) leave it for a few seconds to dry and then smell that "dried lick". This will give you a rough-and-ready idea of what your breath smells like to other folk.

Sweet as? Then your time here is finished. You can surf on to other more exciting websites.

Not TOO bad. Then let's see if we can't find a good remedy for that stale breath. It might be as simple as laying off the garlic a little or improving your digestion.

The TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotics Home Treatment Kit which contains that dragon slayer of bad breath,Streptococcus salivarius K12 can often completely eliminate this type of bad breath.

Pheew! You discover you have severe halitosis. Take a look at what causes bad breath and see if you can't find out how to cure that halitosis.

The "lick test" is not the most accurate bad breath test test you can do but it is one that you can do "on the run".

GoodBug never has bad breath!
But now you're back home, standing in front of the mirror, in the privacy of your bathroom. Only the cat ever need know what goes on in here. Let's explore this a little further. This is a sure fire way to detect bad breath.

Scrape the back of a teaspoon as far back on your tongue as you can reach. Try laying one finger on top of your tongue to keep it out of the way while you do this. You'll probably trigger off the body's automatic gag reflex. Try to ignore it. Easier said than done, I know! Now, the spoon will have scraped off a whitish scum. Take a whiff of that baby! Is that your problem there?

This is an even more accurate bad breath test because it is within that white stuff on the tongue that the bacteria that are the usual culprits of bad breath live.


Good bacteria in the mouth don't smell - the bad bacteria do.

If you do the above test and still feel unsure, then ask your spouse, best friend, parent, whoever - someone that you can trust to give you the truth without trying to spare your feelings. There are a number of scientific tests using gas chromatographs or Halimeters, but all you really need is someone who will tell you the truth. Most people understand that if you're asking this question, you really do want to know, and that as a true friend they need to give it to you straight.

Do remember that it seems to be part of most people's underlying insecurities to imagine they have bad breath, and almost everyone does first thing in the morning. But if these bad breath tests reveal that you do have something more than "morning breath" - and at some point over the course of our lives most people do - then now at least you know and can do something about it.