The Best Probiotics On The Market
Most Popular Probiotic Supplements

Are you wondering what are the best probiotics on the market?

Each brand screams that they have the best probiotics and some of them give you a few facts and figures to back up their claim. Others simply mumble a few generalizations and leave you to it.

And you're sure that somewhere out on the highways and byways of the web are people who have done the research, checked every fact and claim - and have already decided which probiotic supplement they think is best.

Well come closer, my bacteria loving friend. Here you can see just what other people are buying.

Here's what probiotic supplements and supplies have been bought by Probiotics-LoveThatBug readers over the last quarter (Oct - Dec in 2018) in their shopping at Amazon.

Here is the collective wisdom of people who regularly take probiotics for their health.

Let them tell you which are the best probiotics on the market.

I'm a great believer that actions speak louder than words. Here you can see where other people are spending their health dollar. This is not about which manufacturer can shout the loudest or who has the biggest advertising budget - and we all know where that can lead.

It isn't even about what I think!

This is the collective wisdom of thousands of probiotic afficionados. If you're confused with all the different claims then let these good people guide to you the best probiotics.


Popular Probiotic Supplements

The multi probiotic Iflora, blitzed the opposition as the number one best selling probiotic position here on Probiotics LoveThatBug. You obviously love Iflora - and rightly so. Align is second again and this quarter TuZen pushed Florastor out of third spot.

  1. Iflora Multi-Probiotic Formula, Capsules, 60-Count
  2. Align Digestive Care Probiotic Supplement 28 count
  3. TuZen Probiotic


Popular Women's Probiotic Supplements

Once again Fem Dophilus is a runaway winner. Only one entry in this class but it is SO-OO popular that it deserves to be recognized. If it had been in the class above it would have won there too.

  1. Fem-Dophilus


Popular Yogurt Making Supplies

  1. Tribest Yolife Yogurt Maker - YL-210
  2. Euro Cuisine 2qt Yogurt Maker - Electric


Popular Women's Yeast Infection Treatments

Fem Dophilus was a clear winner followed (distantly) by Now Foods Tea Tree Oil and VH Essentials.

Fem Dophilus is an oral capsule, TeaTree Oil is liquid, VH Essentials is a vaginal insert.

  1. Fem-Dophilus
  2. NOW Foods Tea Tree Essential Oil 2 oz
  3. VH Essentials Prebiotic Vaginal Suppositories, 15 Count


Popular Women's Health Products

If you feel a little concerned about using boric acid capsules for yeast infection and wonder if you're the only one desperate enough to try "roach killer", note that boric acid powder is one of my biggest sellers, beaten only by Fem Dophilus and Iflora. Read up on how to make boric acid capsules safely and know that you are not alone.

  1. Boric acid powder - 12 oz
  2. Double 00 Empty Gelatin Caps
  3. Invacare Sitz Bath