Where To Buy Probiotics in UK and Canada

You can buy probiotics in most countries at your grocery store, supermarket, health food store, drugstore or pharmacy. The US has a large and varied selection online but there are often problems if you live in Candada or the UK and want to buy online from a country other than the one you live in.

I give choices for the United Kingdom and Canada below.

Why would you want to purchase probiotics? For your health. Western countries are seeing increasing rates of gatro intestinal troubles, many of which could be prevented with probiotics. These healthful bacteria can alleviate many of these problems and for anyone about to undergo a course of antibiotics, they are essential.

In the United States places like Walmart have a good selection and you can also purchase an amazing variety of probiotic supplements online at Amazon. Many manufacturers have their own websites but usually the lowest prices are found at Amazon.

You will find hundreds of options for buying probiotic supplements in the USA on this site. Just browse through the health problems or bacteria of your choice.



Buy Probiotics In Canada gives you a choice of dozens of probiotics that can be sourced through reliable Canadian online shops as well as suggestions on where you can find these products in person.

At last, Canadians have a small selection on their local amazon store - not many yet but it is a beginning.

You can also have your say and let other folk know where you have been able specific brands.

As well, I have listed all the pages on THIS site that give info on supplements or specific health problems and ALSO include access to purchasing from a Canadian source.

Note that there is often free shipping within Canada.

One of the most popular health supplement brands is Jamieson Vitamins And Probiotics. They have a large range at affordable prices.


United Kingdom

Buy In UK is where you will find many probiotic supplements that you can buy from the United Kingdom.

Includes books and skin care products too.