The three best probiotics for candida infection according to the scientific research1,2.

Candida probiotics

  1. L rhamnosus GR-1
  2. L reuteri RC-14
  3. L plantarum P17630


L rhamnosus GR-1 and L reuteri RC-14

The wonderful news is that the first two, L rhamnosus GR-1 and L reuteri RC-14, come together in Jarrow Formulas Fem Dophilus.

These two probiotics found in Fem Dophilus can not only supress the growth of Candida albicans but the study revealed they can even kill the fungus. These two both produce lactic acid and it is lactic acid at the low pH that strikes the killing blow to the Candida.

They firstly compete with the yeast infection by taking its source of food, then they inhibit the yeast, stoppping the growth and spread of it and then finally they kill it.

The study1 showed that when these two bacteria were present any yeast bugs failed to thrive so you can see how by having these two in the vulvovaginal area will prevent a yeast infection. The yeast can not grow, reproduce and spread if these two are in residence. Now, while they will not take up permanent residence you can tip the scales in your favour by, after a course of treatment, simply continue to take a Fem Dophilus capsule twice a week.

Many women have had success using that tactic.

Fem Dophilus can be taken orally - the bacteria get to where they need to be by themselves!

No need to insert it vaginally unless you want to hurry the process up. If you do, remember that the capsule casing is made to be digested rather than melt so break the capsule open and spread the fine "powder" round the vaginal entrance.


L plantarum P17630

The product that was actually used in the study on L plantarum P17630, Gyno-Canesflor, does not seem to be available in the USA yet but is freely available in Italy and some European countries. L plantarum P17630 has been shown2 to help both after conventional treatment and and also in altering the vaginal microflora to a healthier mix.

However, Hydralin Flora Restoration of the Vaginal Flora's Natural Balance 10 Capsules contains L planatrum P17630 and is available in the UK.

Hydralin Flora is not very well known but the science backs up the claims made for it far more than most probiotics recommended for women. Certainly worth a try.

Yeast vaginal infection can be caused by Candida species other than the C albican strain and these other strains are often far mor resistant to conventional antifungal treatments so this is another good reason to use probiotics.

Recommended Candida Probiotics





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