Getting Fem Dophilus To The Source

by Anonymous

Q. Is it better to insert the Fem Dophilus into the vagina or take it by mouth?

A. Fem Dophilus was designed to take by mouth and research has proved that taken by mouth, the probiotic bacteria will end up in the vagina. However, some people want to get it straight to the source and it is safe to use it vaginally. Safe but not convenient! The bacteria are enclosed in a gelatin and titanium dioxide capsule which will NOT dissolve with the heat of your body. They are made to be digested. So if you want to use Fem Dophilus vaginally you need to transfer it to a pure gelatin capsule or add it to yogurt. You can see how other women have tackled this problem of inserting yogurt.

Personally, I would take take 2 capsules a day by mouth for one month and then if you're completely clear of symptoms, reduce the dose down to 1 tablet once a day.

After another month, take 1 tablet every second day, and a few weeks late move on to twice a week. The strategy is to SLOWLY phase out the Fem Dophilus.

You can buy Fem Dophilus here.

Research has shown that these two probiotics can remain in the vagina for up to 19 days after you stop taking them.

So I would chose taking by mouth simply because that is how they were designed to be taken. But there is no reason why you can't use them vaginally if you prefer. Just remember to remove the powder from the capsule because the capsule is NOT designed to dissolve through body heat.

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May 11, 2009
by: carolyn

Q. I just e-mailed a question but was perusing the website and again I am wondering how the acidophilus can wind up in the vagina when taken orally?

A. L rhamnosus GR1 and L reuteri RC14 (the two bacteria found in Fem Dophilus) specifically target the urogenital tract.

These two when taken by mouth travel right through the body and when being expelled are able to crawl from the anus up to the vaginal and urethral area. Sound a bit gross, I know, but that is how they get there. There has been a lot of research done on those two bacteria and there is no doubt that they can get to the vagina after being taken by mouth.

Although they are designed to be taken by mouth you can use them as a vaginal insert but there really is no need. Just remember that the capsule will not dissolve with body heat. If used as a vaginal insert then transfer the powder to a gelatin capsule or yogurt. But really - there is no need. Take by mouth and the will get there!

Jan 03, 2012
They DO get there!!!
by: Cindy

I can vouch that the probiotics in Fem Dophilus do get into your front passage system even when you take them by mouth.

I took the exactly as you say on the BV page. I took 2 a day - by mouth - every single day for one month. I also used metronidazole gel for the first 5 days which you hadn't mentioned but I had heard gives a better result if you do the two together.

Dawn added: The page that Cindy is refering to is home treatment of bv

So after 5 days I was finished with the gel and SEEMED to be cured. But I knew better. lol I've SEEMED to be cured before.

This time I just continued with my Fem Dophilus capsules for the rest of the month.

The BV had not come back. I then reduced down to 1 tablet and did that for a month. Just taking it by mouth. No trying to stuff it in down there!

After another month and still no sign of the BV returning, I took a tablet every second day.

It is now 6 months after I did that. I take ONE Fem Dophilus capsule each week. The BV has never returned.

I think that one capsule a week just tips the balance in my favor and keeps everything sweet down there.

One day I might try stopping altogether but right now I'm just enjoying not having that smell. So is my partner! lol

So I can vouch for the fact that it does get to your privates. I have never kept clear of BV for this long. It might have been the met that got rid of it but I know that it is the Fem Dophilus THAT I TOOK BY MOUTH that kept it away.

Jan 18, 2015
Use with coconut oil
by: Leanne

I have used the capsul vaginally along with coconut oil. It will dissolve. But I mix the power into my own coconut oil suppotorties.

I'm on week 9 of BV & yeast- now trying to get my PH back in order after killing everything off. I had best results with probiotics, coconut oil and boric acid.

Feb 11, 2015
Hydrogen peroxide 50/50 (water) douche for BV?
by: Anonymous

I read on a reputable website to use about a 50/50 water and hydrogen peroxide douche every night for 7 days. It worked but has come back even worse! I am going to take the femdolpholis pill and transfer the contents to a gelatin capsule and insert vaginally for 7 days to see if it helps. I think having the imbalance of bacteria down there is making me depressed. I have read that poor gut bacteria can cause this. Has anyone out there experienced this same problem that I have? Incidentally, I have had juvenile diabetes for almost 40 years now.. Since I was 10 years old. Thanks for any feedback.

Dawn answered:
No need to put the contents of the Fem Dophilus into another capsule. It will get to where you need it after being taken by mouth. Honest it does! If you feel the need to "hurry" the process - and I can understand that - then just wipe the powder round the vulva. Again, these two great probiotics will manage the rest of the journey by themselves.

May 02, 2016
insert or orally dr advice
by: windy

i was told by my doctor that most of the probotic dont make it though the acid stomach so it was better to insert than take it orally

Dawn answered:Fem Dophilus is designed to survive stomach acid and get to where it is needed. No need to insert.

Feb 09, 2017
Good set of pills
by: Anonymous

I've taken this after my 2 week treatment of borax inserts from my doctor. That was the only thing that knocked it out.

I used these right after and it helps keep it away. However when I have sex my ph is thrown off and right after my period and right before my PH is thrown off.

I am hoping that starting 2 a day again will help keep it away completely. I was thinking of getting gelatin capsules and just inserting them because I am getting tired of it coming back 3 days after sex .

Sep 25, 2017
Combining w other supports
by: Anonymous

I just started taking FemDophilus today – but I also wanted to add Vitanica's Candida Stat and Femecology. Does anyone know if this will cause any complications? I just really want to get my system back in balance!

Thanks for the awesome article Dawn, you answer my thoughts about taking it vaginally.

Apr 05, 2018
Month later...
by: Anonymous

I had a NuSwab done and the clinic hasn't gotten back to me on results after 4 weeks. I keep getting the run around and I'm about to go elsewhere. I was hoping to do the Metro + Fem and started prepping a month in advance taking the Fem Dophilus at 2 per day. I went through the entire bottle with no noticeable change in my discharge, smell, or just awulness. I'm still not satisfied with this clinic but I did what my insurance would pay for. I'm looking for another clinic now but then you know, the original will call back. Ugh. I'm on my second day of inserting vaginally with just a dab of yogurt. I use applicators I bought and sanitized.

I put a quarter tablespoon of yogurt into the applicator and the fem pill on top of that so it's further up than everything else and may not come out as easily. The first day, no smell-- but I did notice I smelled like the yogurt and had a taste of yogurt on the back of my tongue. I'd much rather smell yogurt than fish, sour, chlorine, or ammonia smell that lurks. I've been fighting for six years with no help because doctors just keep writing scrips and not caring. One wrote me clindamycin, another penicillin, (I've learned those aren't typically what one should get!!!), another said it was yeast and kept giving me yeast medicine. I finally found and OBGYN who had it herself and wrote out the metronidazole pills and suggested yogurt and probiotics but at the time I couldn't afford probiotics. She moved to another state and I can't see her anymore.

I'm rambling but really hoping 1-2 a day by mouth and 1 vaginally will tip the balance in my favor. I was also using inserts to bring PH to a proper way. Insurance and finances are better now. I'm going to order PH strips, too and test every 8 hours or so and keep a chart. Really want to kick this thing! My partner actually has olfactory issues... lucky me for the last 4 years! but the rest of it.. I'm so paranoid I can't lubricate for sex or maybe it's the BV issues. So we use a ton of lube but I research or acidic and ph balanced ones.

Jul 04, 2018
Coconut oil as a sex lubricant helps keep BV away.
by: Anonymous

This a reply for the girl talking about Nuswabb.
I have been using organic virgin coconut oil for lubrication with my boyfriend and it has kept the BV away. I still take 1 femdolphilus pill every night by mouth, and probably will for the rest of my life. But the coconut oil has anti bacterial properties so I think it helps me.

May 21, 2019
It travels through your bloodstream
by: CaroleAnn

For those of you wondering how the lactobacilus live cultures get from your mouth to your vagina, it is through your bloodstream. I asked my gynecologist because I also was confused if it was just moving through my digestive tract, how the heck would it end up in my vagina. I felt pretty stupid after she told me. I guess it's like any other medicine you take. Let's say you have an infection in your toe. You take a pill orally and it travels through your bloodstream to your toe.

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