Gynatren - An Effective Home Treatment For Yeast Infection

Looking for an effective home treatment for yeast infection? Then Natren's Gy-Na•Tren is well worth trying.

It handles the candida with a two pronged attack. The kit supplies oral tablets to take by mouth AND vaginal capsules to insert.

The active ingredients in the oral capsules are 2 billion colony forming units of Lactobacillus acidophilus NAS and 3 mg of Vitamin C. You might recognise the strain of acidophilus as the probiotic used in Natren's Healthy Trinity capsules.

The active ingredients in the vaginal capsules are 1 billion cfu's of Lactobacillus acidophilus NAS as well as 1x50% of Boricum acidum. This is, of course, boric acid which has such a good reputation for clearing stubborn cases of recurrent yeast.

If you've struggled with regular boric acid inserts because of burning then these might suit you better as it is not quite so concentrated whilst still strong enough to deal to the yeast.

The capsules come in a kit which will last for two weeks and a vaginal applictor is provided.

In a small randomly controlled trial the Gy-na-tren vaginal capsules proved effective when inserted three times a week over a period of six months. Now, the dosage in the trial was larger - 2 billion cfu - than in the commerical pack but they were inserted every second day. It is now advised 1 insert each night. The group that used the Gy-na-tren vaginal capsules had a much smaller number of cases of yeast infection compared to the control group1.

It has been found that vaginal colonization by hydrogen peroxide producing lactobacilli is helpful for keeping a normal vaginal microflora and the prevention of STD (sexually transmitted diseases.)

The NAS strain used in this Gy-na-tren acidophilus suppository is one of the best at this.

L acidophilus NAS also produces lactic acid, another thing that helps keep your vagina healthy so this really does look a most promising home treatment for yeast infection.

They're made by Natren, one of leaders in the probiotic industry - a company that has been researching and producing probiotics long before they were fashionable.

You can buy through Amazon - Natren GY-Na.Tren Dual-Action Vaginal Health Kit -- 2 Bottles

Canadian residents - you can buy Gynatren in Canada.

If you live outside the States then aim for the most rapid delivery time that you can afford. Natren has suppliers in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Hong Kong and Malaysia (check Natren's website) so you can get this goodie in most places in the world.

It won't cure everyone - nothing does - but if you're looking for a home treatment for yeast infection then Gy-na-tren is certainly worth trying. You're getting the bonus of boric acid AND a really good vaginal probiotic in the one insert.


1. Julius Metts MD, Thomas R. Famula PhD, Natasha Trenev, Roger A. Clemens DrPH. Lactobacillus acidophilus, Strain NAS (H2O2 Positive), in Reduction of Recurrent Candidal Vulvovaginitis. Journal of Applied ResearchVol. 3, No. 4, Fall 2003.