Great way to get yogurt in the place it needs to be

by Nikki
(New York)

A tip for getting yogurt into the vagina.

If you have an old medicine dropper you can throw away then use this to help out with the insertion. Never heard of the tampon thing but I would think that this would just get mushy and not go in. I hope this helps others out.

I have never used yogurt for a yeast infection but if ever I get one again then just maybe I will try it. I am betting it is the plain right?? Having that area smell like cherry or strawberry would not be a bad thing but not looking to get the infection worse. LOL

(Added by Dawn)

You're absolutely right, Nikki, it does need to be a plain, unsweetened type of yogurt - remember yeast can feed on sugars - and also important to chose one with live and active culture in it.

I have HEARD (but not used myself) of both Activia and Dannon plain being used.

Anyone have experience with either of these two brands as to which is best for yeast infection?

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Inserting Yogurt Tip

by Sara

To insert the yogurt, cut off the corner of a small plastic storage bag and slip a piping tip into it. Be sure to secure it with a little bit of tape so the piping tip doesn't come off! Fill the baggie with yogurt, insert the piping tip until it's just in your vagina (while in the "sucking air" position -- feet over head), and squeeze it in! This works perfectly.

NOTE: The "sucking air' position that Sara mentions consists of lying on your back, hands at your side and palms down. Bring your feet back over your head.

This action causes the vagina to balloon out and will draw the yogurt all the way in to fill the vagina and cover every fold of skin.

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Turkey Baster For Inserting Yogurt

by Kelly

I just slurp up some yogurt -usually "supercharged" with a capsule of probiotic mixed in- into a small baster & gently squirt it into the target zone while lying down. Then insert tampon as usual, to prevent leakage. Can remain in several hours for maximum exposure.

Added by Dawn

You can buy a turkey baster from Amazon for your own personal use.

"Supercharging" the yogurt first makes this a great variation on the turkey baster method. You can use what ever probiotic capsule you prefer, of course, but I would certainly recommend using Fem Dophilus. It is just made for this sort of job! The Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 in the Fem Dophilus will stick to the vaginal walls thereby preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

Healthy Trinity would be another good choice for the probiotic.

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Yeast Infection Tip # 5

by Arianna

I'm just starting to use the yogurt idea for yeast infection and I found that I can insert the yogurt using the applicator from the Miconazole nitrate packet my doctor gave me. I'm not sure where you can get the 45 Gm tube outside from a clinic but if you've tried the vaginal cream like me I noticed that inserting the cream was really easy and mess free, I'd say it might come in handy for inserting yogurt neatly. The only thing would be how to keep the yogurt in after that, I don't know what I'd do expect put a pantyliner or a pad and use the yogurt at night. :)

(Added by Dawn)
Using a pantyliner is almost essential. I've never heard of anyone who didn't have a "leakage" problem.

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Yogurt Does The Job For Yeast Infection

by Myra

I'm a yeast infection sufferer, have been for a few years since I had my first child.

Well what I always find useful is putting my tampon in a yogurt pot and let it expand to a point where it can expand no more lol.Then I get my husband to slowly insert it in while I lie down on my bed and open up my vagina with my fingers.

Sometimes the vagina can be really dry due to the infection so I always use Canesten HC cream around the vulva and massage it in so it slightly makes it moist and lubricated.

Then my sweet husband, bless him, gently inserts it in. You have to learn to relax your body because if you don't then no way can you get it up there lol.

(Added by Dawn)
The Canesten HC cream that Myra mentions contains the antifungal clotrimazole and a mild steroid, hydrocortisone, that helps to relieve inflammation.

It's good when you need rapid relief from itching.

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Yogurt Insertion Tip

by Y

I bought a syringe at the pharmacy, it also has a soft rubber tip to put on a syringe for oral administration. But I used it to get yogurt down there and it works great, easy.

I use plain organic yogurt with all those good bacterias. So far I did it for 2 days and feel great improvement.

You have to insert yogurt 3 times a day. Before each insertion you wash down there outside with warm salty water.

Added by Dawn
Although some people are having a bad reaction eating Activia yogurt, it is proving to be a useful yogurt for vaginal purposes! Check out Heather's review on this page of Activia Reviews. Heather was eating it but I can't help but suspect it would be excellent used vaginally.

Or do both!

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Yeast Infection Tip No 1

by Karen
(Auckland, New Zealand)

I recently had a yeast infection and had read about freezing yogurt so as to insert it. I didn't have any suitable containers so I took a heaped desert spoon of yogurt and emptied it on a plastic tray and froze these little piles of yogurt. They were easy to insert.

They felt as if they burned for about a second or two on the outer vulva area but once inside stopped burning. It did feel quite uncomfortable for 3-4 minutes almost as if my body was recognising that something unnaturally cold was inside it. I felt like I needed to pass a bowel movement. But this uncomfortable feeling soon went too.

The yogurt took about an hour to melt inside of me. I needed a panty liner almost tucked up inside of me to keep it there but that worked quite well.

The yogurt I used was called Symbio and contains acidophilus, bifidus and casei. I'm not sure if it cured me or not because I also took garlic tablets and a probiotic supplement too, and I ate some of the yogurt.

I noticed an almost immediate reduction in the itchiness and within three days the yeast infection was gone but it could have been one of the other things that did it. If I get another dose of it I will do the same things again.

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Yeast Infection Tip tried and true

by Samantha
(New Jersey)

My doctor recommended the freezing yogurt in a tampon applicator method for yeast infection. While that seems like the least messy way, I don't know about the rest of you but I have serious problems with the idea of putting something frozen inside of my vagina.

Seriously, that does not sound fun at all!

The easiest thing I've found (and I'm surprised my Doctor never mentioned this) is to go to the pharmacy or clinic or wherever and ask them for a plastic syringe that does not have a needle. They should just give you one free or if you have to buy it, it might be a couple $. They are the type of syringe that you would use to feed liquid food to a puppy or kitten that cannot eat on their own.

The one I have is 10 ml. All I do is stick the "syringe" into the yogurt with the plunger all the way down, then slowly pull the plunger back which brings the yogurt in. Then insert the syringe into the vagina as far as it'll got and push the plunger in.

That's it.

No freaking frozen ice cubes involved.

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