Lactobacillus acidophilus:
What is acidophilus and which supplement should I choose?



Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most common bacteria used in probiotic supplements. However, many people are confused about the vast array of what seem to be different types of acidophilus.

Well, worry no more - help is at hand!

The Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria belongs to the group of friendly lactic acid bacteria. This is the same group that most probiotics come from.

The confusion comes from there appearing to be so many types. These differences come down to different brand names and different strains of acidophilus.

This good bacteria often partners with other probiotics so that you'll find it in many multi-combination supplements. These are the familiar products such as Mercola's Complete Probiotics and Healthy Trinity by Natren.

Or you can buy it as a stand alone probiotic in supplements such as Nature Made.


You can compare all the details on a full range of these various supplements by reading Acidophilus Pills.


Benefits of Acidophilus

Lactobacillus acidophilus is well known as a health food. It produces Vitamin K as well as many anti-microbial substances such as acidolin, acidolphilin, lactocidin and bacteriocin.

It survives the trip through your gastro intestinal tract and has been proven to adhere to in the vagina and urinary system where it fights against infection. And that is just the begining of its beneficial effect. The health benefits of acidophilus include antimicrobial effect, immune modulating and enhancement, as well as possibly fighting cancer.

Does it help with constipation? Not really, although some people swear by it. Read more here Acidophilus Constipation or check out Probiotics For Constipation for the ones that DO actually help!

Whilst Lactobacillus acidophilus is considered probiotic, it is, in fact, only some strains that have been proven to be probiotic.

However even when a particular strain is not considered a probiotic acidophilus it will still be doing good things for your health - that's the way lactic acid bacteria are.

They can stick to other cells and prevent disease causing bacteria from being able to get established. Well known for their ability to adhere to vaginal and urinary tract cells as well as others.


What foods is L acidophilus in?

Yogurt (but check what it says on the container because fermented milk products are made with other lactic acid bacteria too - acidophilus is not always present.) EasiYo Yogurt contains a powerful strain of probiotic acidophilus and this is how I chose to take my acidophilus.

Miso (fermented soy paste)



Acidophilus Milk

Lactobacillus is the name of a large family of lactic acid producing bacteria and acidophilus is one of the most important members of that family. See Whats the difference between Acidophilus And Lactobacillus if you get these two muddled up.


Acidophilus Pills

Good strains that have been in medical trials and which can be found in some acidophilus supplements are DDS-1, 145, LA 02, LAFTI L10, LA-5, L-92, NCFM (Howaru Dophilus) (found in my favorite yogurt), NAS (has wonderful consumer reviews), OLL2769, NCK56, 27L, LB (LaLB), CL1285.

One other choice is the always popular L acidophilus and Bifidus supplements. These contain two of the most useful and health promoting probiotics.

Another popular supplement is Pb 8 Acidophilus - a multi probiotic blend.

Not all acidophilus comes in pills. You can get it in powder form in supplements such as Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance which has a basket full of greens and other goodies in it as well as the probiotics.

Not all Lactobacillus acidophilus pills are made equal! And laboratory testing reveals some of them for not having enough of the specified strains in them. Acidophilus pills will guide you through this mine field with accurate info on the strains and cfu in various top name brands.

Every so often consumber watchdogs test probiotics to see how some of the brand name products available measure up. Acidophilus Supplements shows you what they test for and how to get a copy of the report.

One of my favorites is Acidophilus Pearls made by Enzymatic Therapy. They don't specify the strain but this is more than made up for by the large number of positive reviews that consumers give it.

There are 4 different products in this range: Acidophilus Pearls, Pearls X-press, Pearls Immune and Pearls IC and you can read about them all on the above page.

Check out this next page if you have a problem with dairy foods and are looking for a milk free source of acidophilus. Learn the difference between dairy free and lactose free and whether either of them mean milk free!! If dairy produce gives you health problems then you need to know this information.

Confused about how much Lactobacillus acidophilus you need to stay healthy or to treat a medical condition? Well, not even the experts agree on this but this page on acidophilus dosage gives the most commonly held opinions.


Sweet Acidophilus Milk

Finding where to buy acidophilus milk can be a bit of a nightmare in some states but I've detailed which brands can be found where and will add more as readers give me feedback on where they buy theirs. Check the page out to see if this health promoting drink is available where you live.


Acidophilus dangers

Acidophilus dangers and side effects are almost always mild and of little consequence. The worst problem that a few people strike is wind - more of a problem for others than yourself! You can learn about them in more detail at acidophilus side effects.

L acidophilus is sometimes incorrectely written as acidophilis, acidopholus, acidophillus or acidopholis - all wrong, I'm afraid! Remember, there are no double consonants and it has 2 "eyes" (i) - that's how I remember the spelling.

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