Losing Weight and Bad Breath

Losing weight and bad breath - unfortunately with some diets they go together. Atkins is sometimes called the Atkins bad breath diet because of the tendency for low carb diets to produce halitosis

I've had a brief flirtation with most of the diets and the one thing I do remember is the bad breath that ketosis brings on.

I never did find an answer to losing weight and bad breath.

Since then, I have heard that drinking lots of water will dilute the ketones and lessen the bad breath. I haven't tried but if ketosis bad breath is a problem for you, then give it a go. losing weight and bad breath go together on the Atkins diet

Ketosis happens when the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies for the body to use as energy. Normally, the body would choose to burn carbohydrates.

Probiotics can't help you here, I'm afraid.

You see, the bad breath from the Atkins diet is not caused by anything in your mouth. It's caused by how your body is now burning the food.

So unfortunately, recolonizing your mouth with good bacteria (which works with some, but not all, types of halitosis) is not going to do you an ounce of good. Save your money for mint breath fresheners which won't CURE the Atkins bad breath but will cover it up a little.

If you want to lose the weight on any of the carb-reducing diets then bad breath is the price you must pay. Bad breath Atkins - sounds like the baddie in a Western! Sorry I can't bring more joy for you. As you move into the maintenance mode of Atkins, you may be able to strike a balance with the carbs to just keep the bad breath under control.

Can't help with losing weight and bad breath, but I can let you know about the low carb bars that Atkins put out. I struggled for ages before I discovered that Atkins made these. They're great for on the run meals or snacks.

And hey - well done on the weight loss!