Do You Need To Take Probiotic Pills?

probiotic pills

Are you wondering if you need to take probiotic pills?

Take the quiz below to find out.

1. Do you eat Life & Active yogurt, homemade yogurt or aged cheese almost daily?
  • Yes - every day
  • No - never
2. Do you eat sauerkraut or kimchi regularly?
  • Yes - without fail
  • No - never
3. Do you eat a varied diet containing fresh raw fruits and/or vegetables daily?
  • Yes - got to have my fresh fruit
  • No - don't like fresh fruit and veg
4. Do you consider yourself in good health?
  • Yes - I have the constitution of an ox
  • No - I always seem to be sickly
5. Do you "pick up" every bug doing the rounds each winter?
  • Yes I do - every winter
  • No - bugs are scared of me
6. Do you suffer frequently from bloating and gas?
  • Yes - suffer badly with it
  • No - they call me cast iron stomach
7. Do you suffer from IBS or a related disease?
  • Yes - I do have IBS or similar
  • No - never had it
8. Do you suffer from atopic dermatitis?
  • Yes
  • No
9. Do you suffer from allergies?
  • Yes - unfortunately I do
  • No - I'm allergy free
10. Have you taken antibiotics in the last year?
  • Yes -within the last year
  • No I haven't
11. Have you taken antibiotics in the last three months?
  • Yes
  • No - not in the last three months
12. Have you taken antibiotics in the last month?
  • Yes
  • No - not within this last month

Your Probiotic Score =

Correct Answers:



100% - Take a bow! You don't need to supplement your probiotic intake - you clearly are getting enough and are in good health.

75-92% - Good work! You're probably okay - increase your intake of probiotic foods or supplements if you run into health problems.

58-67% - You should increase your probiotic intake to protect yourself. If your diet is lacking then improve it - if it is good then start taking probiotic pillss.

50% - Your intake of probiotics is low and you are suffering health problems that could be caused by that. If your diet is lacking then improve it - if it is good then go to a probiotic supplements.

below 50% - You need to increase your intake of probiotics immediately to protect your health. If your diet is lacking then improve it - if it is good then go to probiotic pills.

A very good source of a multi probiotic is Iflora which can be purchased online.

My Recommended Probiotics



You can increase your bodies resistance to many things by simply eating foods that are rich in probiotics. These include foods such as yogurt, aged cheese, sauerkraut and kimchi. Raw fruits and vegetables will all increase your intake of probiotics - not as dramatically as the fermented foods do but it all helps.

If you have recently taken antibiotics then it is highly likely that you do need to a probiotic pills of some type. Antibiotics have a devasting effect on the good bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract as well as the bad.

Sometimes you feel as if you are already eating healthy and yet still don't feel well. Probiotics are not the only answer. A good healthy diet rich in fermented and fresh foods should be sufficient but sometimes there are others causes of poor health. Visit your doctor for a full checkover if in doubt.


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