Which Diseases Can Probiotic Therapy Cure

Probiotic therapy does cure or help many health problems. Discover the health benefits of probiotics as it relates to various illnesses and disease.

There is a lot more to it than simply grabbing the nearest acidophilus supplement off the shelf!

Although having said that, acidophilus actually is good for this first complaint.


Thrush mouth

Discover what exactly thrush mouth is and which supplement has cured at least one enthusiastic supporter. Learn about which two foods have been successful in treating oral thrush in medical trials. One of them reduced high yeast levels in the mouth by 75%. See what the most common causes of oral thrush are.

And if you've suddenly discovered that your partner has this annoying mouth yeast infection, you'll probably want to read is oral thrush contagious to know whether you need worry or not.



What options are available when it comes to Probiotic Treatment for IBS?


Lactose intolerant

Understand what being lactose intolerant is and learn what you need to look for in your fermented dairy products to be sure that they help rather than hinder you. There are a number of symptoms of lactose intolerance that you should be aware of.


Hay fever allergies

A commonly available fermented milk drink has helped some people with their hay fever allergies. It did not help people with seasonal allergic rhinitis caused specifically by pollen from the Japanese cedar tree but was effective against grass pollen.


H Pylori bacteria

Check out the symptoms of H Pylori and how fermented milk products can increase the effectiveness of standard H Pylori Bacteria treatment.


C diff infection

There are several probiotics that have proved themselves against C diff infection. Check them out here. Or read how to avoid C diff.


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Women's Stuff

At a certain point I realized that the information on women's health problems was about to take over my website - which is actually supposed to be about probiotic therapy! So welcome to The Girl's Room a page that lists all the info on yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, cytolytic vaginosis and trichomonias.

This covers symptoms and conventional treatments as well as probiotic advise.


Colon Cancer Diet

There is far more to a colon cancer diet than probiotics but the evidence does show that they play a part. Cancer experts believe that ossibly up to 75% of colon cancers are caused through diet so that it is almost inevitable that changes to our diet can either help or hinder the progress of this disease. There is not direct evidence in favour of probiotic therapy for colon cancer but there is a wealth of indirect evidence.

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