Allergies Cause Recurrent Yeast Infection

If you're at your wit's end trying to figure out just why you suffer recurrent yeast infection, see if this fits your case.

Have you considered that the ORIGINAL symptoms of vaginitis might have been in response to an allergy? It is well known that both laundry detergent and fabric softener leave a residue in clothing that can cause allergic/irritant reactions in some women that closely resemble the symptoms of vaginal thrush.

But did you know that a vaginal allergy to sperm is not uncommon.

In fact sperm can provide a double whammy for your vagina. Not only are some women allergic to sperm but sperm raises the pH of the vagina for several hours after intercourse so that vaginal infections are easier to catch.

Spermicides and condoms can also cause an allergic response.

having recurrent yeast infection can be the lonliest feeling in the world

So you're correct if you've ever wondered if that night of passion was giving you chronic yeast infection.

Soaps, talcum powders, feminine hygiene products, and bubble bath can all cause a reaction and give a woman non-specific vaginitis.

Once the vulvovaginal area is inflamed, it becomes the perfect habitat for yeast. Yeast likes nothing better than a warm, damp, inflamed area, and once you've scratched a little - and goodness knows you can't help but do THAT - there's likely to be a tiny area of broken skin. You start the cycle of recurrent yeast infection - but that very first YEAST INFECTION was actually secondary to the SKIN IRRITATION.

From this point on, the recurrent thrush disguises the fact that this sensitive area is being continuously irritated by chemicals.

And so you start on an endless cycle of treat the yeast infection, it goes away for a short time, but back it comes, so you treat it again ...

The secret to this irritant-caused problem is to elimate those irritants from your life. This simple measure will stop recurrent yeast infections in women who suffer an allergic response.

There are always a few yeasts living in the vulvovaginal area and that is quite normal and healthy for women. Yeast infection is when there is an overgrowth of yeast, and the conditions generated by skin irritation can cause this yeast proliferation, setting you up for frequent yeast infections.

This is by no means a "cure" for all women, but a small number of women with sensitive skins have discovered that this simple measure has stopped the cycle of recurrent yeast infection.

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