by Eve

I use Sustenex for IBS diarrhea. It has work well for the diarrhea, but I still have the bloating and cramps. Sustenex is a good price about 13 $.

When I try to go to another probiotic the diarrhea comes back. I read calcium helps with the diarrhea and sustenex has it in them to .. so maybe I should add calcium with the next ones I try .. I know I have not had a cold or the flu since I started taking probiotic, that's a good thing. I was always sick. I need something for the stomach now .. any help ?

Dawn added: Sustenex contains 2 billion cfu of Ganeden BC30. This is a trademarked name for Bacillus Coagulans which is a very resilant probiotic. It is being used increasingly in supplements and also manufactured goods as it can thrive in environments that most probiotics can not.

It does also contain calcium carbonate which has some history of being useful against diarrhea.

The very best thing about it is that this probiotic does NOT need to be refrigerated. For anyone who has tried to molly coddle their regular probiotic supplement this is very good news. BC30 (the probiotic in it) can withstand heat, cold, air – all the things that most probiotics simply turn their toes up at.

A small study showed that Sustenex could help reduce bowel movements in patients with diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D). This is good news for people such as Eve. There are other probiotics with more research on them but I'm a big believer, if it works for you then stick with it.

In other small studies Sustenex was shown to:

Increase T-cell production (this is a good thing) when a person was exposed to some strains of influenza.

Suggested as useful for IBS. Have heard of someone being symptom free after 3-4 months - (anecdotal evidence so certainly won’t be like this for everyone).

Help with abdominal pain and bloating.

Help with antibiotic associated diarrhea.

I’ve heard other users of this supplement report that it generally helps with IBS constipation as well as IBS diarrhea, nausea caused through poor digestion and general digestive issues.

One person said that what they noticed most about taking Sustenex was how suddenly, for the first time in a long while, they weren’t constantly thinking about and being aware of their digestive system. One day they realised that they weren’t constantly thinking about their “insides”. That they were just humming along with life in the same way that most people do.

A read through the Amazon reviews for this product shows that many “verified purchasers” state they have been taking it for several years. That’s a sign of happy customers. Not every probiotic supplement works for everyone but if you’re like Eve then this could be a good one to try.

You can buy Sustenex online from Amazon but the actual probiotic used in the supplement is also available in lesser dosages in a wide range of products. Amazon also stock this supplement in the form of Gummies and the good news is that with half a million cfu in each gummy you can get a worthwhile dose each day just through these. Fruit flavored.

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