Thrush Mouth Symptoms
How to recognize yeast infection in the mouth

Knowing the symtoms for thrush mouth will allow you to recognize when a yeast infection in the mouth strikes. Early detection will give probiotics the best chance at curing this annoying health problem.

Oral thrush symptoms include;

  • pain in your mouth
  • creamy white curds or distinct "cottage cheese" patches inside your mouth
  • loss of taste
  • possibly a little bleeding
  • cracks at corners of mouth
  • a "cottony" or "cottonwool" like feeling inside your mouth

These white patches in your mouth might be on your tongue, gums, roof of mouth and cheek pouches. Sometimes the patches are more yellowy than white and occasionally are discolored through food eaten. They can be wiped off and the skin underneath will be red and inflamed. You can view several pictures of oral thrush to see if it compares with what you are experiencing.

Although pain in the mouth is sometimes a symptom, more frequently there is no pain.

Some experts also believe that a craving for sugar, alcohol, or bread can be yeast related.

These are the most common thrush mouth symptoms.

If these symptoms describe your complaint then check out oral thrush treatment to see how probiotics can help.

Unless your immune systme is struggling then these symptoms - whilst looking and sounding pretty gross - are nothing serious.

Occasionaly the patches spread downward into your esophagus. This is called Candida esophagitis and is a much more serious problem where you might have difficulty swallowing or feel as if food is getting stuck in your throat. Usually, it only develops to this extent with immune compromised folk and you should see your doctor immediately if you have it this badly.


Probiotics For Oral Yeast

Each of these have cured some people.