Do You Know What Causes Bad Breath?

Once you know what causes bad breath odor you know how to stop it. Probiotics can treat some, but not all, causes of bad breath.

The cause of your bad breath will usually fall into one of two groups.

Oral health
Gastrointestinal health

This means that bad breath odor can come from either your mouth or drift up the throat from your stomach where the breath gets exhaled upon a not always tolerant world. However, once you understand what causes bad breath, treatment becomes much easier.

Probiotics can cure some types of bad breath especially the halitosis caused by the wrong sort of bacteria in either your mouth, throat, or gastrointestinal tract.1,2

microflora overgrowth is one of the causes of bad breath Imbalance of Oral Flora - This is often what causes bad breath that just doesn't seem to have a reason for existing. You go to the dentist regularly, you only eat the garlic bread if everyone else in your group is eating it, you're not on Atkins - you simply can't understand why your breath is so bad. Some people have the wrong "bugs" living in their mouth. It's as simple as that.

This is one area that the right probiotic can really help.

Researchers believe that halitosis is caused mainly by tongue coating in younger people and more by periodontal diseases together with tongue coating in older folk.3 More recent research is indicating that Streptococcus salivarius K12 is the good bacteria that you need when it is bad bacteria that causes bad breath.

The Streptococcus salivarius k12 strain is a powerful fighter against this type of bad breath. You'll find the K12 probiotic in Therabreath's Therabreath's Oral Care.

Or you can buy Now Foods Oralbiotic Blis K12 which have 1 billlion cfu in each lozenge and take them in combination with using this oral rinse.

Dental problems - Dealing with bad breath can be as simple as going to the dentist. Dental treatments and procedures have changed over the years so that a trip to the dentist is not the scary thing it once was.

Gum disease and bad breath go together. In fact, gum disease and plaque are the number one factor in what causes bad breath odor so - bite the bullet - and get it checked out. Your friends will thank you for it. If the underlying cause for the bad breath is a gum infection or an infected tooth, then there will be a continuing supply of smelly discharge. Any "cure" will at best simply be attempting to cover up the smell.

Food - Yep, what you eat can influence how your breath smells and there are many more culprits that garlic. In fact, almost any food can be what causes bad breath because as food breaks down, the food particles stuck around your teeth will produce an odor.

They say you are what you eat; your bad breath is what gets stuck around your teeth! And any food that contains volatile oils can cause bad breath. No probiotic bacteria can do much about decaying food particles but volatile oils can be helped with probiotic bacteria. Check out Streptococcus salivarius k12.

alcohol causes bad breath

Alcohol - Interestingly, alcohol itself has almost no odor so it is not what causes bad breath; that characteristic smell on your breath comes from other components in the drink. If you enjoy your tipple but are serious about curing bad breath, control that little voice that says "just one more"! A lot of organs in your body will thank you!

Dry mouth - Saliva is continually bathing the mouth and washing away the odor causing bacteria so it stands to reason that if your mouth is dry, you're more likely to have a bad breath problem. Snoring and sleeping with the mouth open are both reasons for this type of bad breath. So are smoking, alochol and most types of toothpaste. Probiotic bacteria will help by replacing your own oral bacteria with the most potent strain in the fight against bad breath. It will probably be an ongoing thing.

Cigarettes - Bad breath from smoking. I have friends that were able to give up smoking using patches and I promise you - their breath improved! Although I would never have told them that!

Smoking is another one of the things that can dry your mouth out. If you really want to tackle bad breath, then do yourself a favor and download the Bad Breath Bible . It is free and was written by a dentist who had a daughter with bad breath. You'll learn so many things that you didn't know before.

Dieting - Keto bad breath - the Atkins dieters amongst you will know what I mean - is caused by a diet lacking in carbohydrates. Unfortunately, losing weight and bad breath go together on the Atkins Diet although I've always thought that the "fruity" sort of smell is not as bad as other types. Is your biggest problem the excess weight or the bad breath?

Ketosis occurs through the breakdown of chemicals when the body is forced to use "different" fuels so that if your intention is to return to a more "normal” diet, maybe the answer is simply to disguise the smell in the interim. Sometimes, knowing what causes bad breath doesn't provide you with the cure.

Diseases - Many diseases have their own particular smell and this is not an area to become your own expert. Go see your health professional if you're not sure what causes the bad breath because they are trained to recognize particular odors.



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