Does Yogurt Cure Yeast Infection - The Evidence

Yeast infection and yogurt have a history together that goes back over decades.

And about 20-30 years back I would have told you with absolute conviction to take yogurt for yeast infection - because back then there actually was a specific brand of commercially available yogurt that cured yeast infection for many women.1

But - isn't there always a but, lol - the manufacturer changed the formula and whatever strain of Lactobacillus that was in that wonderful yogurt was lost.

Since then, the results have not been quite so spectacular.

It does, however, show the wisdom of trying several different brands of yogurt if you wish to try this form of candida control.

There has been a very small study done on DanActive and YoPlus3 - two readily available probiotic yogurts - with encouraging results. Danactive was clearly superior. If you like yogurt then worth trying. In the study it was eaten no insterted vaginally.


Yogurt and yeast infections

There have been a few small trials on yeast infection and yogurt with encouraging results - there have also been trials that showed no results at all. yogurt for yeast infection

In 1992 a one year long crossover trial gave a result that "daily ingestion of 8 ounces of yogurt containing Lactobacillus acidophilus decreased both candidial colonization and infection."2

What I did think spoke volumes about that trial was that at the half way point (6 months) when the women that HAD been eating acidophilus yogurt had to stop and become the group that DIDN'T eat the yogurt, they "refused to enter the control phrase!" Were they maybe enjoying not having a yeast infection and didn't want to risk upsetting that!

And a wander round the forums will always find women who believe absolutely in yogurt for yeast infection.

If you want suggestions on how to get yogurt into the vagina, then check out the varied methods that other women have used.

I'm a great believer in yogurt for general good health. I make my own yogurt using an EasiYo yogurt makerand eat it daily, but in all truth, if I had a yeast infection, yogurt would not be my first choice of treatment.

At this point (2014) the probiotic bacteria that are proving most helpful for vaginal infections are not being put in yogurt.

So does yogurt cure yeast infection? Maybe - if you're lucky but yogurt for yeast is no longer the cure-all it was back in the days of that now long-lost batch.


1. Am unable to provide the source of this. Have personally seen the document and thought it credible at the time of reading. When I find it again I will post!

2. Hilton E, Isenberg HD, Alperstein P, France K, Borenstein MT. Ingestion of yogurt containing Lactobacillus acidophilus as prophylaxis for candidial vaginitis. Ann Intern Med. 1992 Mar 1:116(5):35307.

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