Compare The Best Probiotics
For Preventing Vaginal Yeast Infection


When it comes to probiotics for treating vaginal yeast infections, there are two main methods of going about it.

Taking an oral probiotic supplement by mouth.


Inserting a vaginal suppository or yogurt.


Oral probiotics for preventing yeast infections

Far and away the best is Fem Dophilus. This the only one I whole heartedly endorse. It has the probiotics, the science, the PubMed studies,the results - the lot.

And it works for so many women

Not all women but so many ladies have found relieve from the motley collection of urogenital woes that befall us that it is always my first choice.

This woman in green would quickly eliminate any vaginal yeast infection

Fem Dophilus contains the two probiotics - Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 - which have been studied the most for "wimmin's problems". In this probiotic they come in the right strength. Not all probiotics do the same thing and these two are the best for vaginal health.

The best and quickest result is by treating the yeast conventionally and then immediately following up with Fem Dophilus but some women go the probiotic route alone.

Fem Dophilus is taken 2 capsules a day by mouth. Don't worry about it finding it's way to where needed. It knows how to do that!

Once you are symptom free then slowly (and I do mean slowly) phase it out. Reduce to one table a day and again, as long as you stay symptom free, go down to one every second day, then twice a week etc until you are no longer taking them.

You're trying to move slowly from having wall to wall yeast to wall to wall good bacteria. I have heard of some women simply continuing too take a couple of Fem Dophilus a week just to make sure they always have the balance of bacteria tipped in their favor.

You can buy Fem-Dophilus from Amazon.

Read Three Best Probiotics for Candida.


Other choices

Acidophilus Pearls contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum and has helped some women. I see that the makers of this are now putting out Pearls YB that contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and Lactobacillus plantarum, specifically for controlling yeast. I've no idea how good this one is but if you try it do let me know.

Gynatren kit contains both an oral probiotic capsule and a "gentle" boric acid insert.

Probiotics will work much more effectively if they have a clean playing field to start their good work. Most experts suggest that you eliminate the current infection with standard treatment and then use probiotic bacteria to quickly recolonize the vagina. This has given the best results.Fem Dophilus has the right strains of probiotic bacteria for urogenital health


How about yogurt for yeast

Most of the strains of probiotic bacteria that you want are not yet being put into products like yogurt. A supplement such as Fem-Dophilus really is the best way to tackle this.

I have heard on one woman getting a very good result inserting Activia yogurt.

If you're looking to try yoghurt and have questions about how to get the yogurt IN there, check out the innovative answers that other women have come up with.


Boric acid for vaginal yeast infection

Not a probiotic but boric acid is a very effective treatment.

Want to learn how to make boric acid capsules for your vaginal yeast infection? Follow that link to find out the facts about this controversial, but effective, yeast infection cure.

Are you looking for a ready made boric acid capsule? There are several good products. Natren's Gy-na-tren kit contains both a vaginal capsule containing boric acid and an oral capsule containing a top probiotic.

Yeast Arrest is another product which contains boric acid. this one used to be very highly rated but since they changed the formula does not work as well for many woman. Having said that, it still does the job for some.

Probiotic Choices For Yeast


Find out what causes vaginal yeast infection and discover what other lifestyle factors increase your risk of getting yeast vaginitis.

Remove the food source. Keep your sugar intake right down. Try some of the "candida diets" that abound on the net.

Unfortunately, many women self-diagnose and get it wrong. This isn't really surprising when you realize how often even doctors get it wrong too. If you use/take an anti-fungal and your vaginal infection is not caused by yeast, then anti-fungal treatments won't work.

Worse, you're possibly breeding those Candida fungi that were living quite peacefully into a resistant strain. Then treatment won't work if later you do get a vaginal yeast infection. So far, the Candida strains found in the vagina have shown very little sign of becoming resistant,3 but many of the strains found in oral yeast infections have3 so it is probably only a matter of time.

Vaginal infections cover several different infections, all of them annoying, irritating and sometimes difficult to treat. It is estimated that over one billion women around the world suffer from non-sexually transmitted urogenital infections such as vaginal yeast infection.4


What causes a yeast infection while pregnant?

Many woman wonder what causes a yeast infection while pregnant - usually this is pondered at about the same time you get your second or third dose of it during that pregnancy!

Well, there is a reason for this recurrent yeast infection during pregnancy. Raised oestrogen levels and the rate of developing vaginal candidiasis (yeast infection) go hand in hand, or - as the experts like to put it - are positively connected.1

what causes a yeast infection while pregnant

During pregnancy, a woman has high concentrations of reproductive hormones in her system. These increase the glycogen in her vaginal tissues and this gives the Candida a handy source of carbon to munch on.2

Also - as if that wasn't enough - oestrogen causes the yeast to adhere to vaginal cells with more tenacity than usual.

Anything that increases oestrogen levels such as some forms of contraception and hormone replacement therapy increases the possibility of vaginal thrush.

Yeast Infection during pregnancy is also harder than usual to effectively treat.2

Certainly the good probiotics in Fem Dophilus will help to normalize things but this is something that is very very common whilst a woman is pregnant.


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