The EasiYo Yogurt Maker

EasiYo yogurt maker is my favorite!

There - I've said it up front. Of all the yogurt makers in the world, this is the one I use, that I couldn't manage without, and that I unreservedly recommend to other people.

EasiYo is the perfect way to make yogurt. I've read (I've absolutely no idea if it is true!) that in a Persian version of the Old Testament it says that "Abraham owed his longevity to the consumption of sour milk." (Genesis 18:8.) Well, I bet Abraham would have appreciated the benefits of the EasiYo Yogurt Maker!

Talk about low tech and no trouble!

I'm not going to tell you about all the benefits of home made yogurt - the fact that you're looking at info on yogurt makers means you're already sold on that. Now you want to know about individual models. EasiYo yogurt maker


Good Points of the EasiYo System

  • Your yogurt is made over a range of temperatures so that each bacteria has its "moment in the sun" when the temperature is just right for optimum growth of that particular bacteria.

  • Easy! No pre-heating of milk.

  • Quick to prepare. Same reason as above. It is the pre-heating of the milk that makes yogurt making a slow and "tricky" job in many peoples eyes.

  • The sachet contains milk powder so that you have a rich and full bodied yogurt. Many systems ask you to add extra milk powder.

  • The milk powder is made in New Zealand from the milk of New Zealand cows. It doesn't matter where in the world you live, if you make yogurt using an EasiYo sachet, you're getting all the goodness from New Zealand free range cows. I'm a kiwi so I'm allowed to sound parochial! New Zealand cows graze quality pasture and live outside all year round which means they are disease free and live contented stress free lives.

  • The milk powder is spray dried which means that only the water content is removed. Once you add water, it is the closest thing you can get to pure fresh milk.

  • The yogurt making bacteria are already in the sachet. I sometimes hear negative comments because the EasiYo starter is a powder in a sachet - people think it isn't "natural". The sachet contains only milk powder and live yogurt making bacteria. It doesn't get any more natural than that.

  • EasiYo use probiotic strains of bacteria even in their "ordinary" yogurt. All yogurts use lactic acid bacteria - which are a good thing - but often they're not probiotic - which is an even better thing. EasiYo is probiotic.

  • After the 2008 melamine scare I personally checked out EasiYo. The EasiYo yogurt starter is melamine free.

  • You are not reliant on a power source. You need about 5 cups of boiling water to start the process and after that you're free of the grid!

  • You can use the EasiYo container without using their sachets if you want to make your own yogurt using a different starter. I do it both ways - sometimes I use the EasiYo sachets and sometimes I use yogurt as a starter.

  • No electrics to break down, no 'widgets' to break or fall off - just a basic never-fail system that always works. I've been using the same yogurt maker for over twenty years. There is simply nothing to go wrong with them.

  • The Easiyo Yogurt Maker is tremendously popular in New Zealand. We can never figure out why the rest of the world wants to fuss around with heating milk! Let the EasiYo do it for you.


Bad Points of the EasiYo System

I'm struggling to think of any!

  • In a tiny kitchen (like mine) the EasiYo yogurt maker does take up a bit of room to store between bouts of yogurt making - but having said that, it takes up no more room than any other yogurt maker. Let's face it, in a tiny kitchen everything is a problem to store!

    My model is 12 inches tall (31cm) and a width of 6 inches (15cm) wide - so race off and measure your kitchen cupboard!

  • The EasiYo sachets don't state the strain of bacteria used on the sachets. I think they don't want to scare folk off with too much science. However, they are happy to give that info when asked and the bacteria are top range probiotics.


EasiYo Yogurt Starter Is Melamine Free

Got to have your daily cup of yogurt but worried where the ingredients for the yogurt starter or milk come from?

The terrible news of the melamine contamination of milk powder in China in 2008 made a lot of people suddenly ask themselves that question.

Just because your yogurt or yogurt starter is produced in your own country is no guarantee that it contains only "home-grown" ingredients.

When the 2008 Melamine scare happened I was immediately on the track to discover just where the products in EasiYo yogurt starter come from.

I already knew that the milk comes from New Zealand cows - what I wanted to know was what happens to the milk (and more importantly where does it go) before it is made into the starter. (Easiyo starter is a blend of milk powder and yogurt making bacteria.)

EasiYo yogurt starter is made from milk powder produced on the West Coast of New Zealand

Image courtesy of Ingolfson and used under Public Domain License

No cows in the photo I'm afraid, but this is the wonderful West Coast of the South Island. The road travels round those rugged cliffs and every now and then meanders down into a grassy plateau where the intrepid West coast dairy farmers run their herds. Several years ago I spent a most enjoyable week travelling up the West coast.

And the reassuring answer is that all the milk that goes into an Easiyo Yogurt starter packet comes from the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Westland Milk Products, which is also situated on the West Coast, dries it to become the milk powder that EasiYo use. It never leaves New Zealand.

Not only that, neither EasiYo nor Westland Milk Products allow melamine within their manufacturing sites.

It does not matter whether you buy your EasiYo yogurt starter here in New Zealand or in the United States - or anywhere in the world - you are buying a product that began life on the grassy paddocks of the West Coast, was delivered as milk to a milk company that has won awards for the quality of their product, and was then delivered to the EasiYo plant where it becomes a probiotic yogurt starter. That is the history of the EasiYo starter.


Me! I use the EasiYo yogurt maker almost every day.